Memories of Attu ~ Pesarattu!

Never knew one simple dish can dish up so many wonderful memories related to it in your mind. Pesarattu is one such dish for me. Each place is known more by its food and what it means to the people living there. For me, its more like I hear it from my parents who lived in Andhra all their childhood and moved over here because of job and have made this their native. Still seeing them recollect things related to each dish and its importance in their life, makes me wonder if its all in their mind or was it really like that then. Dad, for a very long time, had cherished a dream to go back to his home town to settle down once he retires. But as I said its only a dream. Living in an another city which is far more advanced and more familiar holds lot more than a memory. When I see and hear these things, I wonder how it must be for people who leave their home land and make something else their place to live and grow.

Whenever I think of this, I am reminded of my dad's dear NRI friend. Till a decade back, he used to send his children to India every summer. The elder one was of my age, still I could see so much difference in culture and social behaviour that we had. All of them were very well mannered and behaved kids. But I used to feel bad because they were forced to accept something they don't feel tuned. Imagine, living in a country so different from this, yet you are forced to learn and act as an Indian as in India. We get what we see everyday and thinking gets to be so. Culture is something that's there to know and heritage is something that we should be proud of, But beyond that if we force anybody to embrace, it looses its meaning. What is required for every kid, is to learn good things to grow to be a good human being, void of evil thinking. If he/she can contribute something good to this world, its most welcome, else if they can just enjoy life and not harm anybody or anything in process is more that what they can do to this place. Why I referred to this, is because for a person like me, for whom its only a matter of few kilometers away, still its so much of a culture and importance. Just wondering for people who live so far away.

I always remember the wonderful pesarattu I got to eat on a visit to Tirupati's Bhima's. It was morning that we landed in tirupati, and before leaving to Tirumala, we went to have our breakfast in Bhima's. The place was only then waking up and the hotel was still kind of dark. We sat down to eat and lazy and drowsy waiters were roaming around. One very hesitantly came to take the order. I think he was more cursing us for disturbing his standing sleep. I ordered Rava dosa and pesarattu.Rava dosa is another fav of mine. But let me talk about Attu. It was very deliciously roasted served with coconut chutney. What stands back in memory is that, I was reluctant to gobble it as we had to hurry back.

The other times, it has been Dad asking Amma for Pesarattu. He always wanted Upma to be accompanied.Infact Pesarattu Upma was my second post on this blog. I was asked questions on this strange combination. I religiously questioned Amma back on the same. But she didn't have an idea. Dad said, that somebody must've tried this combi and must've felt it goes well. Even he wasn't sure of the origin of this strange combination. There are things like MLA Pesarattu and Attu. Maybe on another day I will try to enrich myself with google. For now, I just would like to go ahead sharing my Pesarattu Upma as a dish my family most enjoys.

During our visit to my parents home, this is what we enjoyed one of the mornings. I forgot to soak the moong dal and Amma had to get up early to soak and keep the batter ready for breakfast. Since the morning was chill, I wasn't sure if it would come up well. But it came out beautifully well roast, crispy and tasty. I topped it with finely chopped onions and Cumin seeds and sprinkling with little ghee for real homely taste. I ensured I served parents real hot from tawa and in the way I make it. So was really very glad when Dad, seeing the plate asked me if I had clicked! I thought why not, this makes a wonderful remembrance of a memory that would always live alive till my last breath! I wish that day comes sooner, when I can again share another Pesarattu with them.

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Happy Sanskranthi, may the light dawn on all and let all old and bad thoughts get cleaned away from all our minds. Essentially that's what I think is the meaning of Sanskranthi~ a new beginning!

Will be back on Monday, till then happy weekend.