Have leftover Idlis? Think of Masala Idlis!

What do you do when you find yourself with excess of Idlis? Well actually that never happens with me, because I usually prepare just the right number on a regular day. But this happens when you have Idli as a part of a party menu or when guest are there for breakfast. You never know how many to prepare! We normally have a very scheduled visits from my sis in laws. Both the families plan to visit at the same time. So hubby dear and I sit together and plan the menu for their entire visit. Then we pin it on the kitchen board. He even asks his sisters if they want to have a different thing prepared! Its so much fun planning for the whole visit. I prepare Idli, Vada, Sambar with coconut chutney along with Kesari bath, for their first day breakfast. This is such a sure hit because the idli batter used in Andhra is little different. They don't make it really smooth like how its done at our place. So that results in little coarse idlis. So all of them just love the idlies that we prepare. Even more, if its prepared by Amma.

Now that the menu is ready, I have another task of how m
ch to prepare. I come up with a figure and cross check with Amma and then again with Athamma, who knows better on her grandchildren's preference. So given and taken, I fix on a number and go ahead. Last summer, when I had to exchange my idle cooker, I exchanged for 6 plate cooker as we have increased in number! wow, it felt good buying it. But the first time I prepared was when my sil family visited us. In the hurry and burry, I overlooked the water content and the Idli batter used. Result, lot of water got into the idlies and they turned out soggy! Such a disaster, had to cook them all in short time of 10 mins. Anyways the breakfasters didn't find anything amiss, but I felt at loss to think what I could do with the soggy Idlies, other than the Idli roast. Wish I had known this then, would've been real good way to finish off the leftover idlies!

So while trying out Idlies in MW, ended up having one too many idlies on hand. Normally I prefer to eat them again for lunch with Podi. This time at Amma's place, I completely forgot that there might be some leftovers, so happily sat down for lunch. If we are eating with parents, hubby dear is restless expecting them to all come soon, but we saw Amma busy in the kitchen. By the time she joined us for lunch, we were quite to the second course and I was still cajoling konda to have her lunch. Bang she brought this out in front of us and the look it had was really so tempting. Konda on seeing it, refused whatever was there for lunch and wanted to have only this. It was quite spicy, still she proclaimed it was the best and wanted the same for dinner too!

I guess, this dish needn't be necessarily prepared with leftover ones, but its such a delightful way of completing off leftovers! I felt strange posting this recipe on leftover ones, while my post on Idlis is still in draft, I guess thats life!

Ingredients Needed

Leftover Idlis - 4
Onions - 2 medium
Tomatoes - 2 ripe ones
Ginger - 1' finely chopped
Green chillies - 1
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam masala - 1/4 tsp
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Coriander leaves - finely chopped
Salt to taste
Water - 1/2 cup

Mustard Seeds + Urud dal
Curry leaves

Method to prepare

Cube the idlies into small pieces. Chop Onions, tomatoes and coriander into fine pieces.

Heat a kadai, add the seasonings, once they splutter, add onions, chillies and chopped ginger. Fry till its little brownish. Add tomatoes and chili powder, turmeric pw. Cook till its done. Then add water and bring to boil.

To this add the idli pieces. Simmer and cover with lid, Idlis will absorb the water and will be soft. Sprinkle garam masala and chopped coriander leaves.

Enjoy spicy Idlis on its own!

This is my entry for Leftover Tuesdays #11 Hosted by Project Foodie

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