Deepavali Celebrations ~ in parts

Deepavali has always been one fun filled festival at home. I remember as a kid, we used to compete with friends on who gets up first in the morning and fire a cracker! There were times, when I used to get up by 3 am and decide to go for the bombs. But it was custom that Amma does the pooja with the crackers and only then we had to light them. So at times it was tough but I always managed. When we start it used to be tough to stop. We used to get up early morning, have oil bath with different oils and then go out to fire the crackers once the basic pooja gets done. I remember during one deepavali, when I was taking the hot water , I slipped and amma didn't allow me to go out for sometime, I was so upset that day. There were other years when my brother and I used to hurry up in getting ready to go out first. Those days used to be so much fun. Amma would've normally completed all her festival snacks the previous day. All would be left is that day's cooking and celebrations.

Deepavali breakfast was always non-veg with Dosa. I remember it used to be yummy and then I became veg, Amma used to make ground nut chutney for me. Groundnut chutney is something we make every day, still that day it used to be so special! After marriage, I came to know that hubby dear is not used to eat non-veg on this day. I came to know that its a custom followed in the Chitoor district. How even customs change within a state! We have always loved firecrackers and used to do only this and nothing else! Deepavali is a time to meet friends and exchange greetings and gifts. We wish and hope things always work out better for all. At parents place, any festival or occasion is a time for lot of guests. So the day just passes by with wishing people who drop in or attending calls. It used to be fun watching Dad with 2 phones at hand trying to answer all the calls.

As kids, I remember buying new cloths only for special days like festivals, birthdays or other family occasions. Then it used to be so special. Things changed since some 10 yrs and now we get new cloths for no reason or rhyme. Infact I wonder if my daughter knows the meaning or attaches anything special to this occasion. Still I think she enjoyed this festival. For me, meaning of deepavali changed and now I don't really give much importance to firecrackers. Infact we don't have them, would be fine. Whenever I hear 100 walas going off, I feel we are burning money! But I guess I shouldn't harp my thoughts on others. I want my daughter to enjoy, though I haven't really spent any time telling her what this festival signifies. First year of my daughter, we didn't celebrate as she was crying all the time because of the crackers and now she was crying because she wanted to fire them!

We mostly have my hubby dear's sisters visiting us for Diwali. This year we decided to visit them. As my parents are not in Madras, we didn't have much of a celebration on the day Tamil Nadu celebrated, we landed up in my sis-in laws place on 9th, the day Andhra was celebrating Deepavali and had a fun filled weekend at their place. There was nothing but eating and talking and in my case running behind my twins these 3 days. My sis-in law did a marvelous job of coming up with a wonderful diwali lunch. Of course all the three days, they were busy in the kitchen dishing out delicious dishes. I have taken around 400 pictures and have arranged these quite in a hurry. They were so curious and must've felt I have gone nuts when I said I wanted to take pictures of their dishes. But I think they understood and just agreed to what I was asking. Will post the other pictures and I am planning to write an account of our travel in detail. Hope I will get to do it this time.

This is the deepavali lunch we had. Chirtrammam, as I have already said is a must in my in -laws place for a festival lunch. Along with Snake gourd bajjis and Green chilli bajjis that my niece wanted, Nunne Vankai, Menthaku pappu (Fenugreek dal), Rasam, Gulam Jamun. Everything was so delicious needless to say. Gulam Jamun was so soft and sweet that I missed Amma's. Amma makes wonderful Gulam jamuns. I was happy I was able to eat this and remember Amma's. Will be back with pictures of other dishes that my sis-inlaws prepared.

These are the Deepavali Snacks that we had. Fortunately I didn't do any of this!..:) I just enjoyed eating them all.

Have a great week ahead.

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