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Well this is a post on my most favorite topic - cookbooks. I have always been fond of reading novels and other fictions since childhood. When I entered my 20's, I found I was referring more to cookbooks and its wonderful dreams it used to weave. We have yearly Book Fair thats held in Jan and this is the place we can get to see so many varieties of books that have hit the market. As a kid, it used to be Tintin and Asterix books that I used to buy, later this changed to cookbooks. Infact I have bought so many that I don't have space at my place, so many are still with Amma. But unfortunately I have never tried even one from any of these fancy ones, except Sanjeev Kapoor's or the Chocolate Delights.

Below are my books that I refer with so much joy.

Book on Indian and far Eastern Cookbook is one with beautiful pictures. Home Encyclopedia is one that was gifted by my friend for my marriage. That has so much of info for a newly married one. Say Cheese was of course bought when I became obsessed with chesse!
Each one shows the period I was interested in that way of cooking.

This collection is the one thats most used. The one on the far right came with Nippo Electric cooker. We have prepared most from this book. My recipes on Chicken Biryani and Bisi Bele Huli Anna are adapted from this book. My most favorite and the only cake I have been eating for the past 15 years is from Milkmaid book . Of course, the microwave cooking from Mallika Bradrinath is another good one.
This is the one I was talking about in my Channa Pulav post, I had filed it because I couldn't entertain myself better. But it turned out to be a most enjoyable one. I have three such files with full of cut outs from Hindu and other dailys. I had indexed and numbered it.

When I feel bored and jobless, I used to browse through the colourful pictures these used to come with.
This is a leaf from my hand written cookbook. I have due to various reasons, have some 5 different dairies of notebooks with recipes.

And finally this is the 3rd file thats never remains in its file. Amma always removes them and wouldn't know where to put it back. She tells me that somehow this one is not following suit like the other 2.

I enjoyed taking pictures of these. Sending this to Nags of 'For the cook in Me", who is hosting an event called 'Show Me Your Cook Books'. Well we don't have to cook for this event. So its no work but pure fun.

All the books and files that I have with me are my favorite, but the most I like is the one from Nippo. Its because it has all easy and most interesting ones that come out exactly like its said.


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