Tuesday, June 12, 2007

EggLess Black Forest Cake

If there are few things I miss eating since becoming a pure Veg, its Cakes that tops the list. I still remember the divine taste of delicious chocolate truffle or Black Forest cakes and long for such taste again.

This need drove me to bake my own versions of Egg less cakes. Friends used to wonder at my strange need to bake when one can pick many such wonderful ones without so much labour. But then I was the veggie one. Of course all of them used to land up home for devouring off my hard work in flat 10 mins. That was a reward I was most happy with.

Now I am back to baking after a long gap and thats because my daughter has finally acquired a taste for cakes and that too Chocolate cakes! So would I wait any longer to make my fav dish! nay straight I went and got things required and got on the job.

One mistake I did though, was to announce to her that I am going to bake one. She was underfoot the entire time asking me every 5 mins if her cake was ready. She loves cutting cakes with candles claiming its her birthday.

When everything was ready finally she wouldn't even allow me to take pictures of the cake. I did manage with great difficult to capture few ones.

Whenever I bake Eggless cake and offer Dad, he asks "Is it shameless cake or what?"...well time too I was greeted with the same statement and it was so nostalgic.

Here you go for this lovely dish..

Serves: Depends on what size you want to cut..:)
Preparation Time: 10 mins
Baking Time: 7 mins in Microwave / 20 min in oven (until its baked)

Ingredients needed:

Sweetened Condensed Milk - 400 gms
Aerated cola - 200 ml
Butter - 125 gms
Maida (All purpose flour) - 225 gms
Cocoa powder - 2 - 3 tbsp
Baking powder - 1 tsp
Cooking Soda - 1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Chocolate bar for garnishing

With Icing Sugar:
Icing sugar - 200 gms
Butter - 100 gms

With Whipped cream:
Fresh Cream - 250 gms
Cherries - 10 nos

Method to prepare:

Melt butter in a thick bottom pan. Cool it and add Condensed Milk. Mix it well

Shift Maida, Cocoa powder, Baking powder, Cooking Soda and Salt together. Ensure there are no lumps.

Grease the baking tray with little butter and dust it with Maida. Keep it aside.

Take the pan with the butter. Gently fold in the dry flour and Aerated cola alternately until the flour and cola are done.

Pour the batter into the greased baking tray and microwave it for 5 mins. Its done, still you can keep it for 2 mins on dual. Once done, you can check by inserting a knife in the middle of the dish. If the knife comes out clean, the cake is done!

Topple it over the baking rack and let it cool for few mins, before icing it.

Take a bowl, add icing sugar and butter. Whip it well until its nicely mixed. Spread this on the cake once its cooled a bit, else the icing sugar will melt.
Fresh Cream also can be whipped with beater until it comes out frothy.
I normally decorate it with whipped cream and Chocolate fudge. Finally grate eating chocolate on the top.

Your Egg less Black Forest Cake is ready. Enjoy!

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Asha said...

Eggless is new! Looks great:)

trupti said...

That cake looks wonderfully moist, Cola is a nice addition, makes it so light, doesn't it?

thanks for this recipe, My MIL loves Eggless cakes, will make it for her the next time she visits.


archana said...

Even I prefer eggless cake.The aerated cola in it must be making it spongy. Would love to try this out :)
Your cake is good :)

Suganya said...

The aerated cola should take care of the rise. I think it wud also compensate for the absence of alcohol. Nice recipe!

Srivalli said...

Hi Asha, yes it tastes even great..:)

Hi Trupti adding cola makes it light. Do make for your MIL and let me know if she likes.

Hi Archana & Suganya, the cola is used for raising and making it spongy.

Thank you all for taking time to drop in

DEEPA said...

Looks great ...Wow!!!i will for sure try this one...Looks very yummy one ....

zshare said...


what kind of cola do you use? do you mean coke or ginger ale or something like that. Sorry, I am very new to blogging and baking. I too am pure veg and dont eat cakes for the same reason: they are not eggless... Thanks. RJ

Srivalli said...

Hi RJ,

BY Cola I meant Coke cola or pepsi. I have tried out with Pepsi but the cake tasted better with Coke.

Most of my favs I prepare eggless. Thanks for dropping by.

Vaish said...

Thanks for this recipe. It is a lovely and quick way to make egg less cake. I tried it and first time an eggless cake came out well for me!

Srivalli said...

Vaish, welcome to my corner...thanks for the feedback...glad you liked it!..did you make chocolate fudge too?...both would've been a great thing to have!

Anonymous said...

yummmmm..thtz all i can say :D


Sara said...

Hi! This looks really good, and I want to try to make it (even though I'm horrible at cooking/baking) but I was wondering if 'cooking soda' is the same as baking soda? If not what is it? Thank you!!!

Srivalli said...

Sara, thank you..it tastes great too..Yes I mean baking soda!..if you want to make the chocolate fudge along with this, its fine, else you may need to add little more sugar...and if you are an indian, you can start cooking with the basic cooking...its all so simple!..let me know if you need any help!..

Sara said...

Thank you!

I have another question.

So you basically mix all the ingredients together and you only microwave it? You don't put it in an oven at all? And what is 'dual'? And when you're done do you refridgerate it or let it sit?

That's actually three questions, sorry :p but I'm making it today so I need to be ready!

Sara said...

Ohhh does microwave mean oven to you? Sorry I was thinking of the little microwave. It seemed unusual to me to bake a cake in the microwave, sorry for the mistake!

But now I need to ask what temperature do you have it while it's baking?

Srivalli said...

Sara..I have an IFB mw oven..In india we get mw in which we can bake cakes..its a convectional model. For making cakes, I use Micro and for 5 mins max. There is no temperature setting to be done. Its all pre set.

Dual is the mode of cooking. for cakes I have not seen the need for this. I just mix everything, transfer to the bowl and set it for 5 mins..

pooh said...

Hello!by butter do u mean unsalted butter or amul butter would do as well?

pooh said...

Hello!by butter do u mean unsalted butter or amul butter would do as well?

Srivalli said...

Pooh, I used unsalted butter or cooking butter

Deepali said...

I tried with your recipe but had a problem. My cake was not puffed from the center also it became a little hard. I kept it in gas Oven for 300 degree fer. for almost 25-30 minutes. I don't know what is wrong please help me

Srivalli said...

Deepali, the cake that you see here is cooked in a microwave oven. So it took about 15 mins or less. Previously when I used to make it in a regular oven, it used to take me about 40 mins. But I used to keep it for abt 120 or. Its been years. So I really can't remember the exact tempt..since this is eggless, you shouldn't beat it too much, Just fold the mixture when you mix the aerated cola..try this way next and let me know

geetu said...

I'm a bit confused over the direction given to make eggless cake. I will be doing it for the first time. The line " fold in the dry .. and aerated cola alternately." is confusing for me. i am not getting the meaning of this line. Can anyone help please.

Srivalli said...

Geetu, when you have the condense milk and butter mixed in a bowl, to that add one spoon of flour and then the cola, mix gently. Then repeat the same till you completely finish the flour and cola...

Adi said...

I am baking an eggless black forest cake for a friend this weekend. I am wondering if I can use some cake mix to prepare it. Does anyone know how to make an eggless cake using cake mix? I am conerned that if I use cola to rise, it might be too sweet and crumbly (without oil or butter). Help please!

Priyanka said...


I baked this cake today and I must say its the best egg-less chocolate cake I have ever tasted! Thank you so very much for the recipe! Everyone loved it at home and I am planning to bake it again tomorrow. :). I admit I'm addicted!

Quick question though. I baked the cake in the oven and set the temperature to about 250 degrees in the beginning and later on to about 200 degrees. It took almost an hour to bake and I noticed that the top and the bottom of the cake were a little too well done and I had to slice them off. Any idea what I can do to avoid it? Also the icing that I prepared was too thin (almost like water) so it wouldn't stay put on the cake. Any tips on that?

Again thanks for the recipe!!!


Srivalli said...

Priyanka to be frank, its been ages since I made this in a regular ovan, these days I bake in micro, so its pretty fast.

but I remember pre heating the oven for 5 - 10 mins at 150 degreee, then keeping it for almost 40 mins. Hence I felt a great relief when this was done in flat 10 mins in micro.
Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it.

For icing I normally use chocolate sauce, but with icing sugar and butter you can whip up a stiff icing. will let you know if i know anything better.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me the temperature to be set for micrewave Does you mean microwave it at maximum temp for 5 mins

Srivalli said...

Anon, in my microwave there is no option to set the temperature. So I normally keep at whatever is the standard temperature that is already set in. Please check your manual for more details. As I know each microwave is different from the other. you can follow the method I have mentioned to make the cake.

Sima said...

Srivalli, i see alot of comments about cooking temperatures. if u can please remember, did u bake it at 120celsius or 150 celsius? thanks

Srivalli said...

Sima As I said it must have been for 150 degree. I am really sorry for not being able to give exact tempt, as my baking in regular oven was done very long ago.

The recipe on the blog is with Microwave Oven, which is a convectional mode. Will be trying it again now and let you know the exact temp in convectional microwave oven.

deepshikha said...

hi, its great to know black forest can be made without eggs.. m gonna try it at home thank u.

deepshikha said...

thank u for the great recipe

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