Announcing Bake-A-Thon 2014

It's that time of the year, when one ends up baking a lot. Well with holiday season fast approching and with Christmas time, this is just the time to venture into baking!
Bake-A-Thon has been something that I have been doing since the past couple of years. Read about how it started from this post last year. Last year was a minute planning. So wanted to be well prepared this year and also not wanting to break the tradition of baking through the December.
So come join me, if you are fond of baking through the December month.
We will be doing it from Dec 1st till Dec 31st, with 3 posts in a week on Monday, Wed and Friday.
I will have a Linky tool for the entire Bake-A-thon.
Each of the participating blogger can have the same link to their daily posts.
Please link back to this page and simply enter your post in the Linky tool.
As with any group activity, it will be great if you hop in your fellow runner and encourage and enjoy their post.
Rules for the Bake-A-Thon
The event starts from Dec 1st and runs till 31st
All participating bloggers will have the same Linky tool and link back to this page.
The Links will follow the pattern as "Recipe Name from Blogger".
The baked dish can be anything sweet, savory, pizzas, pasta, just about any dish. Only condition being it should be completely baked and not baked just for the last 10 mins of the dish.
Other fillings, sauces can be made using other gadgets. Though if you can make it in oven, it will be great.
Those interested, please send me an email to The last day to sign up for this is Nov 20th 2014.