Detox Drink with Cucumber, Mint, and Amla

For the second day of Detox Diet, I have a refreshing drink to enjoy through the day. This was one of the drinks suggested by my Dietician when she wrote down my daily diet. Previously she used to suggest Fresh Tomato Juice and later with the concept of Detox Diet catching up, I guess she upgraded her list as well.

This drink is a simple one made with all cut fresh cucumber, alma, ginger, mint leaves. You could add a small lemon wedge as well. The idea was to fill up one-liter water bottle and add all finely chopped cucumber, mint, a tiny ginger piece and amla.

You have to leave it soaking on your table and keep taking a sip through the day. As you start sipping you are supposed to chew on the cut pieces and eat as well.

The water by the end of the day is steeped with all the flavours and tastes very different. It took me a couple of days to get used to it. However, I did feel very refreshing drinking this water.

I didn't chop the vegetables for picture sake. However, everything is chopped finely so that you can eat it as such.

Detox Drink with Cucumber, Mint, and Amla

Cucumber Slices - 1/2 cup
Amla / Indian Gooseberry - 2
Mint leaves handful
Lemon - tiny wedge
Ginger - 1/2"

Slice everything fine and add to 1-liter water bottle, sip through the day.

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