Taro Chips | Seppankizhangu Chips

For the final day of cooking Root Vegetables, I decided to make my most favorite one of all, the Taro Chips. If one is to ask me what I love the most, I would anytime say its Seppankizhagu Varugal with Sambar. It was my growing up food combo and it has stayed the same, though I hardly ever get to make this combo these days. Yes one gets to enjoy all they can in parents home right and Amma has always cooked everybody's favorite dishes all the time.

When I think about it, I do wonder how she managed. Though seeing how my kids are demanding, she says we were never like that and her life was so simple and uncomplicated, I think its just a feeling. Because I do remember she always used to have my favorite food most of the time and because it never aligned with what my brother eats, she used to make his favorite food too and come to think of it, she used to make special dishes for Daddy as well.

Maybe our favorite food was not a complicated one or maybe it naturally aligned with regular food that gets on the table. My Kids fancy like chaats sometimes, other times its sandwiches and one kid will not even touch any of these! Maybe I will let her think we were better managed kids..:)

Anyway making these chips brought back so many wonderful memories of childhood and I remembered that I have not made this in the longest time. Surprisingly I don't have it blogged as well. I was so happy seeing how Peddu loved this and wanted this to be made henceforth. He said he doesn't want potato chips anymore for lunch.

I was only too happy seeing him enjoy these. These make a great side dish for Sambar and Curd rice. Well one can dig in as such too.

Seppankizhangu is Arbi in Hindi and Colocasia or Taro in English. We call it Chemadumpa/Chemagadda (Samagadda) in Tegulu

Seppankizhangu Chips

Ingredients Needed:

Arbi / Seppankizhangu - 250 gms
Salt to taste
Red Chili powder - 1 tsp
Oil for deep frying

How to make Seppankizhangu Chips

Wash and drain. In a pressure cooker, take the vegetable and fill with just enough water. Pressure cook for a 1 whistle. Make sureyou switch off after 1 whistle as we want the tuber to be firm for slicing.

Allow the pressure to fall down and with dry hands, peel off the skin. Slice into thin circles of 2 cm thickness.

Sprinkle salt and red chili powder. Heat the kadai with oil and when hot, deep fry in batches.

Remove using a slotted spoon when cooked on both sides, drain on to a kitchen towel.

Serve with sambar rice or eat as such.


We can have many variations to the deep fried chips. You can use sambar podi, coriander powder etch.

You can deep fry first and sprinkle the spice powders later as well. This will also prevent your oil getting steeped with spice powder.

Another thing to note is that, oil used for deep frying should be a small quantity as otherwise you will end up making the oil coloured.

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