How to make Rasam Powder | Udupi Rasam Powder

For the Indian States under BM Mega Edition, I had selected Udupi Thali. Rasams are always part of the thali, Trying out different versions makes preparing the thali an enjoyable task. I selected to make the Rasam that called for Rasam powder. Infact this Rasam powder seemed like a versatile spice powder, as this Rasam powder was used in few other curries as well.

So all I needed was some push that ensured I try a new version as well as making this spice powder. It is quite an handy spice blend and you can use in making dry sautes as well.

I was thinking how I got distracted from writing this post completely. I started to edit the pictures in the morning and then hurriedly had to get ready for Breakfast outing. Daddy wanted to visit a restaurant nearby that had introduced Breakfast Thali. With some unlimited dishes being served, you can have a feast. We took the kids along and guess what! Even the elders could eat only one of some dishes. 

The menu had Idlis, Dosas, Idiappam, Appam and Parotta, with sides like Vada curry, Sambar, Coconut Chutney and Tomato Chutney. Vada Curry was limited. Rest I didn't hear which was limited. Kids ate just a parotta, while I managed to eat a parotta, Idiappam and half an appam. For such a poor appetite, an unlimited thali is wasted. Of course one has to eat what one can. Still thinking about it, makes one feel one has to atleast taste all the dishes on the offer. The vada curry was very delicious. Amma was tasting it for the first time. I am sure she is planning to recreate it herself. 

The Vada Curry we make is more a tomato based. This was more like a masala curry.

Now getting back to the recipe on hand, check out the rasam powder when you are planning on making some aromatic rasam!

Udupi Rasam Powder Recipe/Rasam Podi/Saarina Pudi
Yields 1/2 cup

Ingredients Needed:

Coriander seeds­ - 1 bowl ( 3 tbsp)
Cumin seeds­ - 1/4 bowl (2 tsp)
Fenugreek seeds­ - 1/4 bowl (1 tsp)
Red Chillies­ - 30­ to 40 in number (10 - 12 nos)
Curry leaves­ - 3 to 4 strands (1 strand)
Oil­ - 1/2 bowl (2 tbsp)

How to make the Rasam Powder

I have given my measurement in brackets

Heat a non stick pan, add 3 tbsp of oil and fry red chillies. Remove.

Then add remaining oil and fry coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and curry leaves. Make sure the species not get burnt. Keep it aside and let it cool.

Once the roasted species cool down, powder it in mixer.

Spread on a plate for 5 - 7 mins. Let it cool and store it in a air tight container.

Roasting each ingredient separately ensures the ingredients not getting burnt.

Standard measurements in terms of gram: Red chilly­ 100 gm, Coriander seeds­ 75 gm, Cumin seeds­ 25 gm and Fenugreek seeds­ 25gm

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