Savory Layered Bread Baskets in Muffin Tray

I was so delayed for the second day post and it wasn't because of wanting from my side! Things do end up hectic during weekday when it becomes next to impossible to even plan to cook something different from the regular dishes, especially when I have to click pictures. so I have been trying to make something since Monday and I finally ended up making it this morning.

In between when I was telling Hubby dear on how I am not allowed to cook, he said I am welcome to make something right then. It was 10 at night and I showed face and said who will eat a breakfast at this time! He typically said you can't bake a cake and eat it right then too. I know its twisted but suited my state so well.

I ended up making this dish this morning and though original dish was supposed to be Bread Chat, I ended up making this differently. I almost used the same filling as the Capsicum Paneer stuffing. I made it again for Hubby dear's breakfast and I thought I could make these double layered Baskets.

I have already made a different stuffing of baked bread basket, however today's basket is layered and turns out more crispy and layered.

For Step by step pictures, check out

Baked Bread Baskets with Savory filling
Baked Bread Baskets with Jam and Fruits.

This is how I made it. You can use any stuffing you want. I will be back with that Bread Basket Chat sometime.

Have the stuffing ready.

Pre heat the oven at 185C.

Trim the sides of the bread slices, using the rolling pin, press well to get a thin bread slice. continue with the rest of the slices.

Splash little butter or Ghee on both the sides of the bread slices. Grease the muffin dents.

Press two bread slices to cover the dent completely.

Bake for 5 mins at 185 C. Remove and filling the hollow part with your savory filling. Bake again for 5 mins.

Let it stand for a minute, before you gulp it down.

Sending this to Lavina, who is hosting my Kids Delight Healthy Breakfast for Kids and to my Breakfast Event!

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing this BM

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