Tuesday, August 4, 2015

No Bake Chocolate Lasagna ~ No Bake Dishes

For the second day of No Bake Dishes, I made a Chocolate Lasagna. The recipe was pretty long, however  I made over two days and I didn't find it so tough. The dessert ends up being very rich, so take caution on how you portion it. 

Since I took them right off the fridge, the cups got misted and I couldn't clear it long enough for the kids to hold!

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No Bake Chocolate Lasagna

Ingredients Needed

For the Oreo Layer

Oreo Biscuits - 15 without cream
Oreo Biscuits - 5 with cream

Cream Cheese - 1/2 cup

Whipped Cream - 1/2 cup
Icing Sugar - 3 tsp

Chocolate Pudding Regular / Dark - 1 cup
Chocolate Ganache

For topping
Chocolate chips
Orea Biscuit Cream
Chocolate Shaving

How to make the Tart

Blend the orea biscuits to ensure you get a fine powder. Mix in butter and make the crust. In an individual serving cups, first fill in the oreo layer. Refergerate for 10 mins.

Prepare Cheese Cream and have it chilled

Prepare Chocolate Pudding either regular or Dark.

Prepare Chocolate Ganache and keep all the layers ready.

Whip the cream with icing sugar and chili.

When ready to layer,

On the oreo layer, layer it with cream cheese, then follow with a layer of chocolate pudding, followed by cream cheese, then with ganache, finally top with whipped cream.

For topping, place the orea cream, chips chocolate shavings.

Chill and serve it as dessert!

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Nivedhanams Sowmya said...

such a kid friendly dish!!! so sinfully delicious!

Padma Rekha said...

that is an interesting dessert looks creamy

Pavani N said...

You got me at the title itself Valli. I bookmarked it before reading the recipe :-) It sounds so amazing and I'm sure it will be a great dessert to serve for holiday parties.

Harini-Jaya R said...

Doubtlessly sinful, Valli.

praba bubesh said...

who can say no to this yum lasagna..sinfully delicious..

Sowmya :) said...

Chocolate and lasagna....sounds amazing. Got to try!

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