Schezwan Fried Rice | How to make Schezwan Fried Rice

For the Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, I referred the handy cookbook that was handed out during a Schezwan Cuisine Festival.

Kung Po Chicken was from the same book and as I had said we were keen on making all of the dishes listed in that book. Everything that we have tried now, has turned out great. Enjoy this fried rice with Schezwan sauce.

I enjoy all types of fried rice and it makes a great lunch recipe. All fried rice turns best with a day's old rice, so you have all the reason to enjoy a feast with leftover rice. I made this for my lunch during a weekend when I had prepared non veg for the rest. Its quite easy to make just for a person, when you have the Schezwan sauce handy.

The day has been very pleasant with chill climate, it drizzled for a while, yet knowing some of the states seem to be having heavy rains, wish it was sent here.

And I could have enjoyed a shower with a hot bowl of this rice!


Schezwan Fried Rice

Ingredients Needed:

Oil - 2 tbsp
Crushed Garlic - 1 tsp
Spring Onions bulbs - 1/2 cup
Beans, Carrots, Cabbage - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Pepper powder -1 tsp
Schezwan sauce - 1 -2 tbsp
Soya Sauce - 1 tsp
Spring Onion, greens for garnish

How to make the Rice

In a pan bring water to boil and cook the rice till almost done. Drain the rice and spread on a pan for the rice to cool down. If needed, sprinkle few drops of oil.

Meanwhile heat a non stick pan with oil, add crushed garlic, saute well. Then add the spring onion and saute well.

Add the finely chopped vegetables and saute on high flame till it becomes soft. Add salt and pepper and combine everything well.

Next add the Schezwan sauce to the pan and mix well. Then add the soya sauce and mix.

Now add the cooked rice and combine everything well. Adjust the seasoning.

Garnish with spring onion greens.

Serve hot.


If you want to get the smoky smell that is always associated with fried rice, slight tlit the pan over flame and drop few drops of oil and the veggies get burnt.

This goes for the June Week 3, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge  Group.

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