Friday, June 26, 2015

Cachapas | Fresh Corncakes with Cheese

For the third and final day of making Tortillas Dishes, I selected to make Cachapas. Not sure what made me select it, only this was the one dish that wasn't dealing with flour tortillas. This is made with cornflour and corn and more like our pancakes. However when I went through the recipes that came up online, I realized this uses Masa Harina and I had no way of getting it in our place.

During my chatting with my BM buddies, Mir said we can substitute the same by sieving cornflour and all purpose flour and adding lime to the dough. Mir says that commercially white corn flour is treated with lime and charcoal. It has a distinctive taste and is a bit more coarse than regular cornmeal. Since its also pre cooked/roasted, it gets cooked faster than regular cornmeal.

Checking on the same lines, I landed here and was taken in right away! I knew I had to make it. Somehow I couldn't make and ended up making it for my dinner tonight. So this is right off the pan, very hot and very sinful! Hubby dear wanted to take the kids out and I refused saying I have a dish to prepare. So there was nobody to share this love with me. I am so doing it again. 

I was in heaven, when I dug into it. The Mozzarella oozing out is simply out of the world!


Cachapas | Fresh Corncakes with Cheese

Ingredients Needed:

Fresh Corn Kernels / Froze, thawed - 1 cup
Masa Harina - 1/2 cup* (Read notes)
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste / Red Chili flakes (I even add green Jalapenos)
Mozzarella - 1/2 cup
Oil, for frying

How to make Cachapas

Grind the corn kernels to a smooth pulp, along with the salt and jalapenos.

Transfer to a bowl. add in the masa harina. adjust seasoning. Add water to make a thick batter.

Heat a frying pan / griddle over medium heat. Add on some oil, then spoon the batter onto the pan. Press down as you do for a pancake.

Cook the cachapas for 3-5 minutes. Flip and cook for 3-5 more minutes, pressing the mixture flat if desired.

Sprinkle with mozzarella and let melt. If necessary, keep warm in the oven until all cachapas are cooked.

Fold in half and enjoy!


I substituted Masa Harina with 2 parts cornmeal and 1 part wheat/all purpose flour, with lemon juice added to the batter.

Also though pepper is added for spice, I felt red chili flakes gives more effect along with jalapenos. 

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sushma said...

Very nice, will try this weekend. My daughter loves corn.

Archana Potdar said...

Okay Valli this one gets done soon . In fact I would love to make it today.Its yum.

rajani said...

Glad you found a round about for masa harina. The addition of lemon sounds great.

praba bubesh said...

looks very tempting..what is masa that also a corn product..

Pavani N said...

Wow, those cachapas look amazing. Using fresh corn must have made them taste awesome.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

What a lovely recipe! Those Cachapas looks so tempting. Flavor of fresh corn is just out of this world.

Priya Suresh said...

These cachapas rocks, totally in love with this incredible dish.

Chef Mireille said...

i am getting the late night munchies now and these would definitely hit the spot

Varadas Kitchen said...

Very interesting recipe. I like the way you presented it too.

Michael Runge said...

Looks like you added milk, but you never mentioned it. Am I missing something???

Srivalli said...

Michael Runge Thanks for dropping by. I substituted Masa Harina with 2 parts cornmeal and 1 part wheat/all purpose flour, with lemon juice added to make the batter. After adding water, I guess it looks like milk. However come to think about it, you can add milk to make it rich.

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