Arizona Cheese Crisp | How to make Cheese Crisp with Jalapeno

We are starting the final week of BM#53. I selected to make Tortilla Based Dishes from here. I have been so taken in by the Tortilla dishes, and have tried quite some before. Tortillas are either corn based or flour based. Basically these are just like our own rotis, though made with all purpose flour.

I have made my own wheat based tortillas, however as I read its mostly all purpose flour or corn that's used. I even went in search for Masa Harina, then settled for an homemade version. There is no point in procuring a while packet just for one recipe, even if I might end up using the rest.

Anyway even though I have been reading so much on the Mexican cuisine and know its much like our Indian Cuisine, I was so in for surprise when I started to read more about the varieties one could make with Tortillas. Infact at one point I was so confused. Its like you change the shape or filling, the dish is called differently.

So I decided I would just select dishes that I haven't attempted yet and make it. I have done Sandwich Wrap, Quesadilla, Tacos, Chimichanga, Enchiladas and Burritos. Some might have a slight Indian flavour added, I ensured the basic recipe remain the same. I must say we have enjoyed each one of them. Whats not to love in these dishes, all spicy and cheesy!

That brings me to the dish for the day, Arizona cheese crisp! I was literally struck and surprised on seeing such a simple, yet addictive dish that has missed my eyes. After eating it, I really wondered how on earth this escaped my eyes all these years. I was ruing the times I have dumped my store bought tortillas that had become dry, not being suitable to make any of ther other versions.

And I actually read through the internet to be really sure if this was as simple as it seem. Yes and what a treat! It takes just under 10 mins and you have such a delicious snack. Best part was, my kids simply loved it, including Chinnu.
I had this for my dinner and I made it after everybody had their dinner. So it was pretty late and the boys were trying to help with the setup. These days both want to help me setting up my things before I could shoot. So Chinnu was actively involved. Seeing how it looked, he asked if it was pizza. I said its sort of and when the shooting was done, rest all came up for tasting, when suddenly Chinnu too said he wanted to taste. he was so taken in that he wanted me to make it again for him right away.

Konda said since this takes all under 10 mins, I should be making it again right way. So this is something you must make it, if you have already.

I used Green and Red Jalapenos on top, the hot spice was right for me, I removed it for the kids.

As per Wiki, an Arizona cheese crisp is an open-faced, flour tortilla covered in shredded cheese, baked until crisp on top. It can have strips of green chilies, and served as bite sized pies.

Arizona Cheese Crisp

Ingredients Needed:

Flour Tortilla - 1 big
Cheese, grated - 4 -5 tbsp (I used processed cheese, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan)
Jalapenos, green and red - 2 nos
Unsalted butter - 1 tbsp

How to make the Cheese Crisp

Pre heat the oven at 200 C.

Brush the tortillas with butter all over.

Bake for 4 mins, Depending on how thick your tortillas, you will have to bake. I baked it first for 4 + 4 mins.

Removed, topped it with cheese and Jalapenos, baked for another 2 mins.

Cut into bite sized and serve right away.

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