Aloo Cheese Roll Stuffed Pav Buns

In all these years of starting Blogging Marathon, I never actually thought I would bring that to this space as well. There was a time when I used to blog on daily basis. Something went missing and I thought BM would handle that for me. Nothing works better than a challenge. So here's the first week theme that I am planning to make here.

It's going to be Healthy Tea Time Snacks. While I am not basically a tea person, nor do I actually follow a custom of serving high tea or anything as such on regular basis. However on weekends, it becomes an elaborate process when I join Hubby dear for Tea. Yes I basically drink a small serving of tea. And before that search all over my pantry for snacks that I can serve. Most times it will be those fried savories, crackers or even plain biscuits that get selected.
 There was also a time in our early marriage days, when this used to be a much fussed about time of the day. After taking a nap, when all of us used to meet over tea, snacks do play an important role. Dad also used to comment on the rituals we used to follow on sipping our morning coffee in the open air. We have almost given up on all these practices. Guess this theme got me remembering what we slowly skip, because of so many other things that come up.

So while I was thinking about what snacks I could make for evening time along with tea, I also thought it should be healthy. Of course there is nothing wrong in snacking on a fried snack in moderation. I just simply was looking at ideas for an healthy option to cook. The thoughts naturally went on to sandwiches, buns etc. The first in the series was something I made for Konda. It has potato and cheese in moderate quantity. I enhanced the taste by adding chili flakes and Italian seasoning.

It's a regular food, dressed up differently. What I have seen with my kids is basically they would grab a dish, if it's all decked up all pretty. So I need not always break my head, wondering what new to make for them. I can simply redress a regular dish in a different way, the food disappears within seconds!

So that's exactly what happened here. I used store bought pav buns. These rolls get done in flat 5 - 7 mins and disappear even quicker. While Chinnu is fond of murukkus or other savories, both Konda and Peddu never prefer that. Instead when I make such rolls or sandwiches, they are so happy. I was sad seeing Chinnu not reaching out to these. I wish a day comes when he gets over his brad phobia and tastes the food. Until then it will be Konda and Peddu who will be my primary customers for these snacks.
Aloo Cheese Roll Stuffed Pav Buns

Ingredients Needed:

Pav Buns - 2
Salted Butter/ Table Butter

For the Stuffing

Cheese Slices - 2 nos
Potato - 2 medium
Red Chili flakes as per taste
Italian Seasoning as per taste

How to make the Stuffed Buns

Wash and mark the potato and MW for 4 mins, till it gets cooked soft. Soak in water, peel and mash well. Add the seasoning and mix well. Make small balls.

Take the cheese slice, cut into half. On one half, place a ball, roll the cheese slice to cover the potato ball.

Slice through the pav bun, making sure you don't completely slice through.

Heat a tawa, grease with the table butter and roast the the pave on both sides. Now place the cheese roll on the bottom slice and cover. Cook for another couple of mins and serve hot with sauce.

Make sure you use salted butter as it enhances this taste. 

You can spice it up more as per your wish. My kids like it not so spicy but with more cheese and italian seasoning.

I served it tea for myself and Bournvita for kids.

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