Egg Fold-over with Chicken | Chicken Egg Roll

Eggs always seem to hold more attraction than other meat dishes. Daddy used to say that for a non vegetarian, even then there is nothing else in those lines, an egg is enough to satisfy them. On those lines, he used to suggest many ideas to be made with egg as a main dish. He was so enthusiastic that he even wrote them down for me. 

I know I am yet to make those, however this is one idea I thought I would do. Off late eggs for dinner has become the favorite for the kids. So much so that I even do bread omelet for them. When I used to eat egg, bread omelet was my favorite. After marriage I thought I could make all those different versions I used to enjoy. However Hubby dear told me never to make him bread omelet as he got so averse to it, eating it almost regularly during his stay in Delhi.

So until recently I never made this combo. I make bread omelet differently, in that, the beaten egg is poured and bread is fixed on top. Maybe one of these days I might share that as well, simply to record how much my kids and yes now hubby dear likes to eat that version.

Now coming to this version, I had made chicken keema for the Chicken Sandwich and since Chinnu doesn't eat bread, wanted to make him this foldover with chicken.

It's really not a recipe, just an idea that was so loved by all at home.

Chicken made as how I made it for Chicken Sandwich.

Beat two eggs with salt. Grease a non stick pan with butter and when it is hot, pour the egg over it. Drizzle few drops of oil, sprinkle the shredded chicken on top, then sprinkle pepper powder.

Gently fold the egg over the chicken and make a complete roll.

Serve right away.
Do you have such simple and easy ones to share? share them in the comments..

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