Homemade Roasted Hazelnut Chocolates

I have been waiting to write about these chocolates for so long. Yet time seem to simply fly! Wish we had a wand, or a magic to get the time pause for a moment, if only for us to ponder for a moment where we are heading to!

Well chocolates get to me, I am sure they do with you as well. However making these, indulging in Chocolate fever, is nothing like what you can imagine. Daddy had got a packet of Hazelnut and asked me to make something with these nuts. The first thing that came to mind, was of course these chocolates. 

This hardly takes time, and more so when you use MW for tempering the milk compounds. And some time longer if you allow these to set in room temperature. For once, besides my kids, I was restless too and put these in freezer for a quick set. And needless to say, these disappear as fast as it was made!

Sending these to Gayathri, who is hosting my Kid's Delight, themed on Chocolates.


Homemade Hazelnut Chocolates

Ingredients Needed:

Dark Chocolates - 1/2 cup
Milk compound - 1/2 cup
Hazelnut - 1/2 cup

MW safe bowl

How to make the chocolates

Roast the Hazelnut in MW mode for 1 min in 30 secs spurts. Allow to cool.

In a mixing bowl, take chopped chocolates, MW for 1 min in 30 secs spurts. Then with a whipper, temper well.

Pour in small quantity into the moulds. Place the roasted hazelnuts. Cover with more chocolates.

Allow to set.

If you are in a hurry, set it in freezer. However it will melt very quickly.


For hot climate like ours, it's best to set in room temperature.


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