Lauki Channa Dal

Its time for another Cooking from Cookbook Challenge and I made from the paper clipping I had been browsing for a while now. I was going to office with these clippings, hoping to make use of the traveling time and shortlist what to make. If somebody saw those papers, they must have surely concluded that I have gone nuts. I didn't really give much thought to that of course.

I was doing this for over weeks, after finally deciding to have a file with which I can carry those. From the clipping I had this Dal dishes, which had dishes ranging from Dal Makhani, Dal Lasuni, and this chana dal. There was another one which might be done later. For this saturday meal I decided to make this simple subzi with Lauki and it so ended up becoming a mini South Indian Thali, that I am so fond of!

This is for my Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, be sure to check out my friends as well!

 Cluster Beans Subzi/ Goru Chikkudukaya kura

Lauki Channa Dal

Ingredients Needed:

Channa - 100 gms
Lauki, cubed - 100 gms
Salt to taste
Onions - 1 small
Tomato - 1 medium
Red Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp

How to make the Lauki Channa Dal

Soak Channa dal for atleast 30 mins. Pressure cook with salt and turmeric powder till soft. Remove and in the same pressure cooker, add oil. Add cumin seeds, then onions.

Once onions start turning colour, add tomatoes, chili powder and cook till tomatoes are soft.

Now add the lauki pieces and saute well. Once the lauki is well coated with masala, add the dal and 1/2 cup water and pressure cook for a whistle.

Once the pressure falls down, add coriander leaves and serve with rice.

The other dishes served along with this simple meal were 
Cluster Beans Subzi/ Goru Chikkudukaya kura
Meddu Vada
Cabbage Bonda
Vermicelli Payasam
Fruits Thayir Vadai

This goes for the February Week 3, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge  Group

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