Methi Adai ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Couple of weeks back we wanted to have a simple dinner and I decided to select something from the list I had shortlisted. This Methi Adai is from a paper clipping and most of the dishes that were part of the list looks very good. Also it was all methi based dishes, so I almost wanted to have a theme for BM. But then decided against it. 

It was only Amma and myself for dinner and we had enough batter for breakfast next day. We improvised by adding green chilies, onions and it tasted simply awesome too. The methi leaves tastes great and moreover the ghee that's added enhances the taste.

I was eagerly waiting to share this for Cooking from Cookbook Challenge and I hope you also make this and enjoy. As most of you know dosas are my favorite and this becomes my 60 plus of my dosa collection.

101 Dosa Variety 
Breakfast Dishes

Methi Adai

Ingredients Needed:

Methi Leaves - 2 bunches
Bengal Gram dal - 150 gms
Toor Dal  - 150gms
Parboiled Rice - 250 gms
Chili powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil and Ghee for cooking

How to make the Adai

Wash and soak Rice and Dals together for about 2 hrs. Change water and grind along with other ingredients, except methi leaves.

Clean and finely chop the methi leaves and mix them with the dall batter.

Heat a pan on a low fire, grease it with oil. Then pour the batter like a thick dosa, adding ghee on all sides.

Flip the adai and when the sides are brown and crisp, remove it from the fire.

Eat the adai with Coconut chutney.


I may have added little less than 2 bunches.

Ghee ensures you don't feel the bitterness from the methi leaves.

We got about 6 -7 medium size dosas.

Next day for breakfast we even added onions, and it tasted great.

This goes for the January Week 3, Cooking from Cookbook Challenge  Group

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