Navratri Special Dishes - Day 9 ~ Dussehra Special

Happy Dussehra to all my readers! 

Today marks the ninth day as well as Dussehra. So we had our Ayudha Pooja and Dussehra celebrations together. It really helped that it was a Sunday and I need not take a day off from work.

Any festival in my inlaws means the same old regular dishes, however this combination is only made for festivals. I had to again make these today as well. I didn't even want to check out for anything new as these itself along with regular pooja would be hectic.

So this is the virtual treat. Thank you for joining for the Navratri pooja virtually. I am very glad that I managed to obverse this pooja on my blog as well.

Naivedyams for today

Lemon Rice
Brinjal Potato Kurma
Sweet Poli
Meddu Vada
Sevai Payasam

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