Puli Bongaralu | Puli Ponganalu ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

As regular readers might know, I am a Dosa fan and can binge on it non stop. I even had my first Mela in honour of Dosa and the Dosa Mela was one of the most successful Melas that had so many varieties in one place.

I was very adventurous and decided to make 101 varieties. I believe there even more than this, however I will be happy when I reach my 101 varieties. Each one has to be different and not just a chance in filling etc. So coming to the post for today, this is something authentic from Andhra, called the Puli Bongaralu / Puli Ponganalu. Trust me the name had me in fix for over the past couple of days.

I never liked the fact about christening a regional dish with English names, be it translating or transliterating. Either ways it looses it's charm. So when I got the recipe from Amma, I was bent on getting it right. She said this is from Ananthapur District, however Athamma didn't know this dish. Amma asked Daddy who had seen the cookery show from which she made this and he said it's called Puli Bongaralu. I was having two minds if there would be a dish that's called as this.

As a final shot I searched the net and found a reference to this being made in Nellore. Maybe the next time I talk to my Aunt who lives there, I will confirm. Other than the name, the dish really gelled well with our taste buds. There is a different feel to the ponganalu and yes even at the risk of hubby dear saying this is just another dosa, I beg to differ!

This is a dish on its own. One must surely try to know and feel the difference.

 Puli Bongaralu | Puli Ponganalu

Ingredients Needed:

Raw Rice - 2 Cups
curds -1 cup
Feugreek Seeds - 1 tsp

Ground Masala

Green Chilies - 2 -3
Ginger - 2"
Salt to taste

Soda a pinch
Oil for cooking

Kadai for cooking

How to make the Puli Bongaralu

Wash and soak the rice in curds for over 12 - 14 hrs.

In a mixer, grind the green chilies, ginger and salt to a smooth paste, grind the rice along with curds with enough water to get a dropping consistency.

Add the masala paste, soda and keep it covered for 30 mins.

After that grease a kadai and pour a ladleful of batter and slightly spread. Sprinkle oil around and cover to cook in lower flame.

Once the bottom is cooked, flip to the other side and cook.

Serve with Coconut Chutney.

This will be thick in the middle and thin on the sides.


This is supposed to be actually deep fried by dropping the batter as balls into hot oil. Making as dosa makes it more healthy.

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