Cooking Pasta in Pressure Cooker | Creamy Cheesy Pasta with White Sauce

This must be one of those lessons in gospels one has to learn, on their way to easy living. This is not even a recipe, rather a method that surely helps your time and how well you manage your rest of the tasks. The idea was suggested by Ramki, in FB's Chennai Food Guide Forum. If I am active on FB, then it must be on this forum, for we get to read and exchange some very interesting data and not to mention, it's about Madras.

So coming back to the method, Ramki suggested that we could Pressure Cook Pasta for just a whistle. I had Del Monte brand and had to cook for two whistles. Still this saved so much time that I feel it was a crime I wasted so much time all these years.

If you are using Bambino brand, all it takes is just one whistle and you save almost 15 mins in cooking.

Since I was making this for Konda, I decided to make the white sauce. Infact I almost thought I would add all the ingredients to the PC and cook in one shot. However I was skeptical on the outcome and wanted to experiment once more. That time never came so here I am just sharing this wonderful idea, so that you can save lots of your kitchen time. And thanks to enthusiastic folks like Ramki, Chitra Maami, we are so better off with our cooking experiments.


How to cook Pasta in Pressure Cooker

Measure your Pasta quantity and add to the PC. Add water enough to cover it. If you are cooking Indian brand, the pasta gets cooked in a whistle. Else cook for two whistles.

When the pressure falls, you won't find any water in the PC. If you have white sauce, add as much as you like along with cheese. Season with Pepper and Salt and serve hot.


Konda absolutely loved this and wanted more to be made again. Now that's just the reason I wait for!

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