Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ganesh Chaturthi Greetings ~ 2012 | Vinayaka Chavithi Subhakanshalu | Festival Dishes for Ganesh Chaturthi

"Vinayaka Chaturthi Subhakanshalu to all my readers!"

We just finished our pooja and kids are running around. While I thought I would quickly wish and share our this year's pictures.

This year our twins joined us for getting the Ganesh Idol home. They were so amazed by the crowd and the many Ganesh Idols on display. They had learnt Ganesh prayer and knew couple of rituals done for Ganesh's birthday. When they saw the umbrella for the idol, they also wanted one for each.

Finally after the shopping we came back and started the pooja preparation, which I went on with my neivedhyam preparation.

We need to make the regular dishes for this pooja, so only new one I got around making was the Coconut Poli.

Last year was an elaborate three day affair, while this year we decided to do the pooja for a day.

Our Neivedhyam for Ganesh were

Sweet Poli
Coconut Poli
Nugul untallu ~Sesame Laddoo

Ellu Purana Kozhukattai 
Lemon Rice
Vankai Uurulagadda Kura 

Will be back tomorrow with Coconut Poli recipe

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Enjoy your festival day!

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notyet100 said...

Wish ya happy festival,,,everything looks so delicious,.

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

HAPPY VINAYAGAR if i if i will be there, no prasadam for u... i can have all these ....
Today: My Glass Painting of Vinayagar

divya said...

looks yumm.....wish u happy ganesh chaturhi....

Shabitha Karthikeyan said...

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi !!! Lovely Pooja !!

Priya said...

Happy vinayagar chathurthi wishes to you too..wonderful prasadams..

Archana Potdar said...

Happy Ganesh to you.

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