How to make Potato Chips in Microwave ~ Step by Step Recipe

I knew this has to come out sooner or later. I have made homemade Potato chips or wafers in both the regular method and baked. Only method left was microwaving. I knew I had to post that version also. When Finla was raving about her new found love for chips she made in microwave, I knew the battle was lost.

Still I have been wanting to bake these for a week now. Only this morning having decided that I must make it or leave it. Baked it I did, and had a bad rush to work as well.

So you really got to excuse my lack of pretty pictures for the microwave potato chips, definitely not as pretty as Finla's anyways.

I wanted to bake these for Konda's lunch box as I packed Lemon Rice for their lunch. I baked these and did a roast as well, fearing what if she found the wafers turned out to be soggy by afternoon. I need not have feared as I just completed the pack I did in the morning. Those chips were still crispy.

Of course the crispiness you get when you deep fry the potato chips, is a completely different ball game. When you either oven bake or microwave bake, you do get a crispy chip, albeit a wee bit tasting different.

Naturally if you want to stick to your half a teaspoon of oil for cooking, I will surely advise you to either oven bake or microwave baked! And of course this is surely not the quickest method, however you are those for whom chips are off limits, this is something you can dig in without much guilt.

After making mine, I came across this post which also has beautiful pictures and useful points on making potato chips in microwave

Sending this to Priya who is host June Edition of the MEC

Oven Baked Potato Chips
Deep Fried Potato Chips

Step by Step Picture Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

1 big Potatoes, washed
2 to 3 tsps of cooking oil
Salt according to your taste
Red chili powder as per your taste

How to make Potato Chips in Microwave
Using a slicer, slice into very thin rounds. Mine is pretty good and gets very thin ones. Else you can use a mandolin for thin slices.

Wash the potato slices in water and spread on a towel to drain them.

When the chips are dry, toss them in oil and season with salt.

In a microwave safe plate, spread them, making sure they don't overlap, microwave for 3 mins.

when done, flip the chips and again microwave for 3 mins.

Overall it took me about 6 - 7 mins for each batch.

When these done, they still remain soft, allow it to cool down for them to turn very crispy.
These were really very crispy even after 12 hours, and you can indulge as much as you want!

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