Thursday, May 3, 2012

Andhra Mutton Roast ~ Revisit with Step by Step Pictures

With the Summer vacation on for the kids, we have been busy with keeping them occupied and engaged. My niece and nephew visited us for a week and Hubby dear has taken them all back for a vacation at his sis place. That has left me home alone!

The kids were happy yet sad that they are leaving me behind. Peddu even suggested I request my Sir to grant me leave. While Konda said I should let her speak to my boss for asking leave. Well I said they should simply enjoy their vacation and not be worried about mine. Naturally a week is too much to be on a holiday is what on my mind.

Hubby dear infact suggested that I blog to my heart's content as there will be no disturbance. And that I should cook for the whole year during the days I am free. He didn't understand that I will be alone and can't cook so much, plus I will be missing out my critics without whose approval nothing goes on my blogs..:)

Anyway I thought I should share something that's been in drafts for a while. It's recipe for Mutton Roast that I had already posted. Since I was able to click step by Step, thought I might share them.

Check out Mutton Roast Recipe for details

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Smitha said...

always the cashew nuts yumm!...i am loving this...I am going to get lamb tomorrow!

Priya said...

Fingerlicking roast,makes me hungry.

Happy Cook / Finla said...

Looks so delicious, wish i got mutton here, i love the idea of the kids for you to take holiday.
Anyway enjoy your quiet time at home.

Zari(Nilam) said...

Looks tempting.....I prepared mutton roast in different way,every state has its own version....your recipe looks delicious.

pratima said...

looks delicious!! but need detailed instructions on how to make it!!!

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