How to peel Garlic and Pearl Onions in Microwave ~ Indian Thali Mela Extended

I know this is not more of a post than just tips. I have no excuse other than saying that things have been hectic that I completely missed out making something for my own MEC, hosted by Nalini this month. I hope she is not wild with me for not sending anything. I just want to make up with these simple tips that does help a lot in the overall schema of things.

I met my friends over this weekend and it has been one memorable evening. We are meeting some of them after 20 years. We have been working towards this day for over six months. All of us have been looking forward for this day to arrive. It was a great evening and we didn't realize the time passing by. Sunday was spent just recollecting the turns of events.

In all the happenings, and the BM that just got over, I completely forgot that I don't have an entry for the MEC. This simple yet so useful tip that I resort to, came to help.

When you have to grind a large amount of Garlic paste, I always find it hard to peel each of them. So microwave comes handy. So does the Pearl Onions that again becomes tedious task to peel the outer skin.

So in my recent thali preparation, I found that using the microwave for peeling really helped a lot.

There is really not much, just microwave each for 20 or 30 secs, you will hear the garlic outer skin bursting out.

Allow it to stand for few seconds, you will notice the skin coming out very well.

The pearl onions almost come out as cooked. Reduce the timing if you want it firm.

Sending this to my MEC hosted this month by Nalini


Coming to the Indian Thali Mela, I am extending it to May 31st on demand.