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I frequently keep getting emails from readers, asking for suggestions on menu planning and selection. I have spent many hours working on menus for each of them, end of the exercise I always think I should either record it or at least ask them to click pictures for me to see. However I keep forgetting to do so.

For quite sometime I have been thinking I should share my menu planning and Party Menu suggestions. The theme tends to change and of course you ought to consider so many factors. Most of the requests have been for get togethers, some for birthday parties and some festival occasions like Christmas party or Diwali party. Birthday parties have been most challenging as I have to come up with interesting dishes for kids, including ways to keep them engaged and interested. 

Other parties like Christmas or Diwali, will feature some of the traditional dishes one might prepare for these festivals. The number again varies from 10 - 50, one office party was for 80 and of course my own office party was for 100 people. Planning and drafting out takes real efforts as we have to scale up each dish and requirement for 100 people.

Growing up in a colony ensured that we had frequent dinners. Plus the fact that parents used to host parties very often, ensured that I was always keen and interested in planning for huge crowd. I have always been the person in charge for setting up the house and playing the second hostess. When I was old enough to help, I was given more responsibilities apart from the setups.

Just the other day when I was talking to Amma, I was telling her that it's been a while since we hosted a party. And it so happened that we had to give a farewell dinner for our neighbors. We were excited that we are doing it after a long time, and the fact that I remembered ahead to click pictures. It was non vegetarian party, so the preparations started from morning. Some needed marination, some had to be cleaned ahead. 

So deciding on the dishes that you are planning to make, is very important in the onset. 

Venue : Home
Number : 8

Our Dinner Party Menu was this:


Side Dish - Semi Gravy

Main Dishes

Plain Rice
Homemade Curds


Since we were getting on the dinner straight, there was no soft drinks served. Else you can plan to arrange some welcome drink if your party is going to extend over few hours.

Chicken Pakoda and Mutton Dum Biryani recipes will be published soon.

It is advisable to do the prepping ahead with the basics that is needed. Fresh Ginger Garlic paste is very important for the right taste.
So get this done in the morning and store it.
Wash and clean the meat and have it ready. If something requires marination, it's better to plan when you ought to do, so that you can avoid last minute tensions.

Like for us, the guests were expected at 8 pm, so we knew we had to have all the dishes done by 7.15 or so. Last minute preparations will be the table set up and fruits for the custard. Of course the chicken was left to marinate as it was to be made after they arrived.

 Dinnar Party Menu
 Mutton Gravy, Chicken Pakoda
 Mutton Dum Biryani

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

Will be very interesting to know how you plan your menus and parties. Do share them!

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Champa said...

I am kind of an expert in this area. Of course it is all vegetarian. I have written a post about Party planning too. Nice that you could take pictures. BTW, what did you eat there? not much veg stuff.

veena krishnakumar said...

There is so much planning in there Valli. Huge spread. I love hosting too and as you said haven't clicked pics at all. From now on , I will make it a point to:-)

Archana said...

I always end up in a tizzy and tired by the time the party starts. Must follow your suggestions.

rekhas kitchen said...

Yes what did you eat there? but the spread looks simply superb.

Aarthi said...

wow awesome it

recipes said...

wow what nice menu item love this and love your blog.........

Srivalli said...

Champa, Of course I can't beat you in planning ok..:) I remember reading it, will link to it once I get the link. On such occasions I normally feast on Podi annam..:)

Thanks Veena and Padma, appreciate your thoughts. Yes I was saying when the menu is only non veg, Amma and I end up eating our fav podi annam.

Jaleela said...

wow super & rich menu.

vaishali sabnani said...

long back I used to host lot of parties..and some of the menus are still in a old book and with some planning on them..not too good with writing..but surely can suggest the menus.its grt that u can click when u have a party..:))

Household Management said...

There is so much planning in there Valli. Huge spread.I really like this blog, It's always nice when you can not only be informed and also get knowledge, from these type of blog, nice entry. Thanks

karloparty said...

hi, i loved the blog. i am a veggie but liked the way the blog presented itself. i have asked my parents to just replace mutton by paneer :).
i am starting to follow these blogs as i am entering the blogosphere too. i have website for event planning (still under construction, but live). It is called
would love to get some tips from you.
P.S. i have some stuff on cocktails and mocktails and music too!

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