Announcing Kabab Mela!

After a delicious treat with chocolates for the Chocolate Mela, I could only think of Kababs for some reason. When I checked out the wiki, it said it's any food that's grilled, fried, or deep fried and served as small portions or on grill. Well that just suits the mood and I thought I should invite all for a Kabab Mela.

With the summer almost setting in, let's create the scene for a barbecue and enjoy the kababs.

Please check Wiki for more details on what Kabab can be. For your information, even regular tikkis, cutlets are all classified as this. The dish can be barbecued, grilled on stove, in oven, or deep fried as per the explanation goes.

So from now till March 31st, post any dish that fits the theme on your blog.

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Any questions, please send them to