Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sankranthi 2012 | Traditional Sankranthi Customs with Rangolis

Hope everybody had a wonderful Sankranthi celebrations!

Since last year we shifted our family reunion from a Deepavali affair to Sankranthi as kids end up having more holidays during this period than Deepavali. As it was last year, this year too we planned a visit to my hubby dear hometown. It's the time to meet my sis'laws and their families and generally for a relaxing time.

Unfortunately this year, boys were down with fever the previous week and we almost thought we might have to cancel the trip. Since we drive down, we always thought we could decide at the last moment. We somehow decided we are going and left. The drive down was event less, with my FIL and nephew meeting us in the last leg of the drive. That got the spirit back into the boys.

Though it was night when we reached their home, I saw that everybody were wide awake to do the rangoli which is famous during this time. All the womenfolk were up, spinning their creative designs with colourful hues all over!
Only after clicking this year's picture I realized it was pretty much similar to last year's.

We planned a visit to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple in Penna Ahobilam. It's the family deity and a visit to the temple is a must. After a pleasant darshan, we eagerly went to the Penna river that flows across. The boys almost forgot their cold or cough and happily got drenched completely. The fact that their cold got worsen was another story!

Konda and my nieces, nephews had a wale of time!
 We had the traditional Bon fire or the Bogi Manta with the dried coconut leaves.

 I managed to click the different Rangolis or Kolams in the neighborhood.
The day after the Sankranthi is the day when they make non veg feast and this time it was no exception. while I didn't cook myself, I managed to click all the pictures and planned to share on the blog. I have been getting so many requests on the amiss.
A special Aloo Peas Masala for the Veg was a delicious treat.

On the whole we managed to spend some good time with the relatives and created good memories for us to remember this festival. Boys were better after couple of days, and they managed to have their fun in the end.

Will be back with the recipes soon. Hope you enjoyed these pictures.

Do share your Sankranthi celebrations!

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Aarthi said...

nice post


Cham said...

Sounds you had a blast, love the water cascade :)
Day after Sakranthi we do Non Veg too- Gosh that is a huge feast Valli :)

Priya said...

Wow wat a lovely post, seems u guys had a fabulous feast,lovely rangolis.

Teena Mary said...

Gr8 post!! Seems like you had a fantastic time with a yummilicious feast!! I would love to see your recipes for my 'Valentine's Day Event'' :)

rekhas kitchen said...

Beautiful post valli every thing looks so special specially I like those muggu so beautiful...

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