No Cook Beetroot Halwa | Beets Salad | Step by Step Recipe

Soups and Salads is one category my Recipe Index really lacks for choice. That really made me choose this as the theme for the Mela, hoping I will make something for the event myself. Well almost nearing the deadline, I finally have one recipe to talk about. And this is more so on a sweet note. I came to know about this recipe from my dietician who made this for a fitness club. She was telling me that she thought about this after hearing about Mexican Salad that I had made and taken for them. They were so impressed about it, that she thought she could try something on the similar lines with the beetroot.

Best part was that one could almost think this as a beetroot halwa. I am not joking, it was seriously tasting like that and all without ghee or sugar. This is a very quick no cook salad that's quite filling. You can just about mix and match ingredients to be added in this. Jaggary is added, so you can reduce to give just a hint also, as beets is already sweet.

No Cook Beets Halwa

Ingredients Needed:

Beetroot - 1 medium
Banana - 1
Almonds - 10
Jaggary - 2 tsp

How to make the No cook Beets halwa or salad

Wash and peel the beets. Grate it in a bowl.

Add powdered jaggary and mix well. Then add finely chopped banana, followed by finely chopped almonds.

Mix everything and serve.


This tastes very much like the halwa that's made the regular way. Increase the jaggary based on your choice. Adding just a teaspoon is just enough.

This goes for my Soups and Salads Mela

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