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Mysore Pak (Hard) Recipe | Diwali Sweets

This post is almost a week late in making an appearance. When I think of some of those delicious recipes that are yet to be out, this is fine. I am sure many of you know about the melt in the mouth types of Mysore Pak that's sold in the shops. There is another version of this delicious sweet that's mostly done at home and that's the hard version of Mysore Pak, which has those characteristic honeycomb texture and design. What makes this recipe even more interesting is the fact that you can make this with the leftover sugar from the other sweets.

Imagine after helping Amma so many years in our Deepavali sweets and savories, this simple point somehow missed me. I was so surprised by the innovation our mothers come up with. The sugar syrup that was left out after preparing Kaja, was used to make this Mysore Pak. So you really don't have to worry about the Mysore pak being soft. Harder it is, it's better.

I know the weather right now is not really suitable for sweets, pakodas might be very inviting. It's been pouring non stop for the past week or so. It's been worse today and I came back home early. Riding through the rain, not bothered about getting drenched, enjoying every single moment, makes it so wonderful. Of course one shouldn't think about how unprepared the city is for rains. I wish govt takes some efforts to make things better.

Anyway with the rain lashing at the background, kids studying for their mid terms that's going to start next week, I will leave you with the recipe using leftover Sugar syrup to make Hard Mysore Pak. If you are in mood to savour something that lasts for a while, then this is something that you would choose rather than those melt in the mouth types of Mysore Paks.

This was part of our Deepavali Sweets this year.

Not only has Amma reduced the usage of ghee, she has replaced it with some cooking oil.

For making Mysore Pak, with step by step pictures you can check out the soft version.

Making hard Mysore Pak with leftover sugar syrup after making Kaja.

Mysore Pak (Hard)

Besan / Bengal Gram flour - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 cups
Ghee - 1 cup
Oil - 1/2 cup

Method to prepare:

In a kadai heat ghee and oil together till it is warm. Simmer for couple of minutes.

In another non stick pan, roast the besan on low flame.

Melt the sugar by adding just enough water to cover and remove the impurities.

Continue boiling it for couple of more minutes. Soon you will have a one thread consistency.

Add the besan to the sugar syrup and mix everything together. Then slowly add the ghee oil mix little by little.

Grease a plate or a square tin ready with ghee.

When you are done with all the ghee, continue stirring briskly for another couple of minutes when you see the batter leaving the sides, it means the paak is done.

Immediately pour it on the greased plate. Wait for 10 minutes, before making marks on the top.

Allow it to cool completely before breaking it.

Notes: We had about 1 cup of sugar leftover, we added 1 more cup which needed to be cooked for removing impurities.

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Happy Cook / Finla said...

I just wrote a comment but then something went wrong i guess, as i was saying hard mysore pak is my favourite if they put a plate of soft and hard at the same time i will go for the hard one.
Is it the oil which makes it hard, i am going to make this once so bookmarking them?

divya said...

Yumm and superb recipe Dear. Wonderfully done.Luv it.

Srivalli said...

Finla, The mysore pak gets harder because of using less ghee. Oil was just added to reduce the ghee part from the original measurement...this made sure that it was not that stone hard but still hard enough to feel it but not choke when you eat it. :)

Archana said...

I had made this in the past. The fist time they were horrible but the next time at my MILs insistence i made this beautifully. The one i make the ghee oozes out and we used that to make shankar pali. Good god I did that well I was not eductaed abt reusing oils again. Must try ur method. Thanks.
Hosting an event which I am calling Back to our Roots Also hosting for Nov’11 Veggie Food for the Month_Raw Banana.

Nitha said...

hmm.. slurp... would love to make this.. But lazy me..

ente pachakasala said...

delicious n yummy mysore pak

Happy Cook / Finla said...

Thankyou for infor valli, will try this once.

sudha devi said...

How to recorrect the mysorepak already made to become little harder? Mine is became like halwa. Tastes good but can't make into pieces. Please help me.

Srivalli said...

Anon If your mix is like a halwa, you can try putting it back on heat and stirring it for couple of times. The sugar in it will start crystallizing and your mix might get a solid texture. However this is only trail you can attempt and see. It should mostly become brittle. After spread it, you can try freezing it for a while

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