An Invitation to a virtual celebration of Navaratri Pooja

With Navaratri Pooja going to begin on the 26th of September, I would like to invite you all for a virtual celebrations. I was able to share my daily pooja and neivedyam that I made during 2009 pooja. I was not able to make it last year. I am planning to celebrate this year with you all. 

In Tamil Nadu, Golu is very famous and I remember from my childhood how festive the whole colony used to be. Every year when we visit our friends, we will be eager to see what new dolls they added to their Golu. It's even more fun when each of us are asked to sing divine songs.

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Though we don't keep Golu at home, we celebrate the pooja with special poojas and visiting our friends who keep the golus. Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadashami are celebrated with so much enthusiasm at home.

Do join me in this celebration and check out some of the special dishes that you can make. These dishes are done as per what is supposed to be done on each day of the Navaratri Pooja.

Navratri Special Dishes

Navratri Special Day 1 ~ Brown Karamani Sundal, Ven Pongal
Navratri Special Day 2 ~ Konda Kadalai Sundal, Puliyodarai
Navratri Special Day 3 ~ Mochai Sundal, Sakkari Pongal
Navratri Special Day 4 ~ Pattani Sundal, Kadambam Rice
Navratri Special Day 5 ~ Kadambam Sundal, Thayir Sadam
Navratri Special Day 6 ~ Verkadalai Sundal, Elumichai Sadam
Navratri Special Day 7 ~ Sunnundalu, Thengai Sadam
Navratri Special Day 8 ~ Channa Dal Sundal, Pal Sadam (Kheer)
Navratri Special Day 9 ~ Moong Dal Sundal, Kalkandu Sadam

Other Festival Food

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