Friday, September 2, 2011

Ganesh Chaturthi Pictures, Celebrations ~ A walk through the market place

When we went to the market place for getting the Ganesh Idol home, I took my camera to capture the scene in action. The market place was bustling with so much activity. Everybody were so busy buying all the things required for the Pooja.

The preparation for the festival starts at least couple of days ahead. However, most of them get the idol on the day of the festival. It's become a custom these days to take the idol on the same day to leave in the near by temples for immersion, that happens in 10 days time.

We have a tradition of having the idol at home depending on the day the immersion day falls. It will be either 5, 3 or 1 day. This year we are going to have the idol for 3 days and all 3 days it has to be vegetarian food prepared at home. Including neivedyam offered to Lord Ganesh.

Some pictures for you to enjoy

Beautiful Vinayakar all lined up..
 This year we saw a new way of Ganesh being kept, all covered with plastic sheets for safe carrying.

 Our two bags with Idol to be filled with other items.

 Different fruits and items that are part of the festival.
A offering of puffed rice, beaten rice with Fried Gram, Jaggary is a must for Ganesh

A showcase full of different Ganesh Idol at Parent's place. I have been collecting these since my childhood, mostly given by Dad from his visits to various places. I took some of my favorites ones when I got married. Rest are with amma, which I look at fondly every time I visit them.

Will be sharing the recipes soon

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vineela said...

Love the post.
You remind me my school days when we used to shop around at market the day before evening of Vinyaka Chavithi.

Happy Vinyaka chavithi.

notyet100 said...

It's been so long since I have been to a place like this :)

Priya said...

WOw love ur collection,looks sooo divine...Missing those market place, thanks for sharing beautiful clicks,makes me nostalgic..

Archana said...

Ages since I have been around in the market like this.

Happy Ganesh Dear.
Do check out my event and send me your entries.

Smitha said...

this is so beautiful...I miss it!

Anonymous said...


divya said...

nice post..

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