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During the season I always ponder on how to store the coriander leaves for weeks. Coriander leaves are such integral part of Indian cuisine and you can't imagine making a gravy dish without the ceremonial addition of coriander leaves. Over the years we had followed different ways to store the fresh coriander leaves, some worked, some didn't. Finally we hit upon this method which really works well.

Amma's younger sister visited us sometime back and she passed on this tip to us. I wanted to try it out right away and was so happy seeing the fresh leaves being fresh over weeks. We have successfully preserved the leaves in it's freshness for 2 - 3 weeks. 

I know many of you may know better ways. And this is too simple a method to even record. But I am not really in a mood to write a lengthy post with recipe.

Since Coriander leaves are part and parcel of every Indian cuisine, I am happy finally finding a way to store it well.

Trim the root ends which normally gets sold along the green coriander leaves.
Soak in a bowl of water and rinse well
See the fine dust that is left behind.
 Let them drain over a colander
 Then spread over a cloth to make sure the water is completely absorbed. If require, put it under fan.
 Slowly cover it up like this to absorb whatever water might still be in the leaves.
Take the bowl that you want to store the leaves, cut a newspaper to the size of the inner bowl.
Place the fresh leaves inside.
The stalk can also be stored to be used in Rasams. They add such flavour.
Take another paper cutting and cover over the fresh leaves. Refrigerate. There is no need to freeze the leaves.

This is after two weeks. Of course I have been using and opening it in between.

If required change the paper used to cover the leaves.

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Have a great week ahead!

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