Ganji Dosa with Ulli Karam, Aloo Masala | Porridge Crepes with Onion Spice paste, Potato Curry ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

It was typically one of those moments when you felt you had the gold pot in your hand. Well not really a gold pot but rather a recipe that brings back golden memories. This happened when I was talking to Amma on her latest Dosa recipe that she was telling me. In passing she mentioned, "You know you always said you loved those Dosas that your Ammamma made, well to what I remember this was what she used to make". It was all said so casually that I might have missed if I hadn't paid attention to what she was saying.

I plead guilty of being distracted at times when either Amma or Athamma are in their recipe narrations. Not that I am not interested but in the sense I hardly can remember so many recipes that they tell me. Nor is my memory so accurate to recite a recipe with its proportion just like that. Well I was glad that I was paying attention because I had to make this Dosa and to finally write this post.

I can still remember that aroma whiffing out of my grandmom's chimney! During our summer holidays when we visit them, we used sleep on the terrace. They allow us to sleep late, hoping that we will be up when the hot sun shines on us. But much before that, I used to wake up with that delicious aroma of Dosa being made. I am not sure I can aptly put in words the way it smells. But imagine getting up from dreams to land into heaven again!

The Dosas look pristine white, so delicate and soft, yet taste so heavenly. Served with Groundnut Chutney that can only taste as good as it can be, if ground in mortar and pestle. The best combo I have ever eaten, the dosas would be porous and soft, with smoke infused smell as it was cooked on a stove that used wood, it leaves a unforgettable mark in your memory

Those days, as there were no grinders, the batter was made by pounding rice. The powder is then mixed with water and left to ferment. Amma says her mother used to make porridge with the final left out grains that doesn't get pound into fine powder. This porridge was then mixed into the batter.

We can call this Kanji Dosa with Onion paste with Kalagu Curry in Tamil.

Potato is called as Bangaladumpa in some parts of Andhra.

Ganji Dosa with Ulli Karam, Aloo Masala

Ingredients Needed :

Gaji Dosa

Raw rice - 2 cups
Urad dal - 50 gms
Methi / Fenugreek Seeds - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for making dosas
Rice flour - 1 tsp

Ulli Karam

To make paste enough for 4 dosas

Onions 1 medium
Green Chilis - 2 medium
coconut -  1/3 cup
Jaggary - 1 tsp

To make the Potato Masala

Method to prepare:

To make the Gaji Dosa/ Porridge Dosa

Wash and soak the raw rice for 4 hrs. Once done, grind the rice and ferment overnight.

Next morning make rice porridge with 1 tsp of rice flour. Allow it to cool and mix it to the fermented batter.

To make the Ulli Karam

Take green chili, onions in a bowl and boil till the chillies turn colour. Then cool the ingredients, add coconut, jaggary, salt and grind everything together

Make Potato Curry and keep it ready

To Make the Dosas

Heat a tawa and grease oil over it. Scoop a ladle of batter and spread into thin crepes, Sprinkle oil on sides.

Spread a spoon of the Ulli karam all over the dosa. Scoop the potato masala in the middle and roll the dosa as you do with the regular masala dosa.

Another entry for my Breakfast Mela!

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