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Happy Karthigai Deepam to all my Readers!

Ok I have already posted the Pori Urundai Recipe last year. When I told Hubby dear that I am going to click pictures of the Pori Urundai that Amma was going to make, he said Amma makes it every year and I click every year!. I begged to differ saying I hadn't had a chance to record it in the right way, meaning there were no Step by Step recipe.

And trust me, I have not mixed this myself till now. I only do it along with Amma, which I know is very different. You end up getting all the doubts when you attempt it yourself. Also was eager to take the pictures in step by step. Amma was calling me to help her in making the entire batch, while I was under the impression that I called to take the pictures. Well in the end I got both the things done.

This was the lot I ended up making. Amma had some more and I knew Konda will love helping her. so that is reserved for tomorrow.

Amma's Deepam Decoration

Pori Urundai Recipe is same as what I have already posted. This is just going to be tutorial with only pictures!

 Break the jaggary and melt it by adding water.

 Strain it to remove the impurities.

Put it back again and continue boiling till you get the right consistency

Within 5 minutes you will it bubbling like in the picture.

Keep a small cup with water to test the consistency. It should form a ball when you put it into water and when you throw it down, you should hear a thud.

 Continue boiling, see how bright and tempting it looks.

Ok this is when the thud happened. Amma took a small bit to drop into the cup, immediately took it out and dropped it down. We distinctly heard the thud. Well rather Amma heard it as I was busy clicking away!

 See the shape, it formed a ball.

Two types of Puffed Rice are used. One very Crisp as below while one variety is soft and puffed as above.

With the soft one, we made just little. Took the rice on a kadai, poured the syrup over it.
 Immediately mix it quickly to make sure the rice is well coated with syrup.

Ok you get the draft right! Pictures are hazy as the movement makes it tough to capture.

Then we followed with the other variety. In this, Amma added the pori to the kadai and started mixing it.
Ok here goes the mixing part.
 Depending on how well coated the rice is, you continue adding the rice.

Dust your hands with Rice flour and immediately take a handful and catch into balls tightly.

The mix is not that hot and you will be able to manage the heat, especially as you dust your palm with flour.

Continue with the rest of the mix till you are done.

Enjoy the week ahead!

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