Never Roasted…is it?

Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.
~Lily Tomlin

I thought I might never have to write about this incident. But looks like when one mad party keeps talking about it, claiming it to be the truth, the readers are lead to believe it as the truth.

Few weeks back a blogger who was supposed to be a good friend, accused me of plagiarizing a recipe from another blogger. I immediately wrote back to her saying that the said recipe was taken from a cookbook and not from this other blogger. Unfortunately the cookbook which came along with an old pressure cooker is no longer with us. Even before this incident, we have been searching for it but we couldn't find it.

I wrote back saying, when I have credited a cookbook, why would I hesitate to credit a person if I was inspired so. It wasn't like I was basking in the glory of having created the Authentic recipe right? I was already citing a source and I have never claimed in the post of being the inventor of this recipe.

The main reason for them to accuse me is the fact that Badi Elaichi is never roasted. This was supported by their friend who claims to be an expert in Elaichi.  He said badi elaichi IS NOT EVER DRY-ROASTED by the Punjabi people!!! They think that they have developed the recipe. What a joke!

The bloggers and their friend who accused me should know that “Half the punjabi women roast their badi elaichi and the other half don’t. It just depends on the family style”

I got this confirmed with my Punjabi Blogger friend, who got it verified from her Mom. Since I don’t want her dragged into this mess, if any of you have a doubt can mail me for her email id, she will be willing to reply to your queries.

In support of this, I researched on the net and found sources that say for authentic punjabi garam masala all the spices are roasted and ground. Check this site for details:

Logically I can’t understand few things:

When I have cooked so many dishes from other bloggers and have always credited them, why would I not do in this case?

In the said recipe I don't claim anywhere that I created the recipe, I have credited the cookbook. Just because I no longer have that book doesn't make it any less the truth.

If I was worried about losing out readers by linking others as how some said, then I won't be linking to the many bloggers who send their entries but sometime forget to link back.
To all those other bloggers who took stand on this against me, I can only wish they exercised their judgment better.

This whole incident looks like one person claiming to have the authentic recipe for Sambar in Tamil Nadu! Many people make the sambar the same way, just like Punjabi Chhole in the whole of Punjab. If I will be accused on the base that the ingredients and steps are same, I wonder if there is a different way of making Sambar!

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