Announcing Tried & Tasted Event!

When Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles mailed me to ask if I could host this month's edition of Tried and Tasted, I felt the tables were turned. There I was when this event started, waited couple of months with blatant breath in fear of being on the spot. Not that I wouldn't mind, mind you! But it is surely gave me a days of sleepless nights..:) Now I can say very happily that I can host this event without a fear!

This is a blog event where a blog is chosen and all other bloggers are supposed to cook from the blog of the month. It is my extreme pleasure to choose Aparna's My Diverse Kitchen as the Blog of the Month!

To be honest, I found it extremely hard to choose just one. I finalized on Aparna's simply because not only is she such a good friend, but she has such a varied collection which always made me want to try them. Her pictures really tempt you to run to your kitchen to make them right away, guess most times I am left admiring them instead of doing just that!

So now is the right time, just browse through her collection, and simply cook away!

Yay, Lakshmi must be wondering why I am yapping so much, let me get on with her rules!

And please before we go on to the rules, there is a roll call for enthu hostess to come forward to host this wonderful event! It is open from November 2010. Please mail Lakshmi at or you can leave a comment at her blog.

And before that let me thank Ksenia of  for creating the logo for T&T every month. The logo for this month will be updated shortly once I hear from her. Thank you Ksenia!

Now finally for the Rules!

Looking forward to enjoy a very diverse cooking!