Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 Days of Microwave Cooking - July Edition

Finally the July Edition of 365 Days of Microwave Cooking Entries are here! Since announcing I have been cooking so much in Microwave that I am now hesitant to post them all as those will fill up all the days that I post...:)

I have also included the convectional cooking that I have done using my Microwave. I have a Microwave Convectional Oven, so I want to assume any cooking done in Oven is making full use of the gadget.

Light Meal / Breakfast Dishes:

Janet M's Peanutty Energy Bars
Nivedita Thadani's 3 ways to make stuffed noodles
PJ's Full of fiber pasta
Priya Suresh's MW Wheat Bread Upma
Sweatha J's Microwave Muesli


Nivedita Thadani's Microwave Masala Paapad
Preeti Deo's Suralichya wadya


PJ's Beetroot Soup
PJ's Forbidden rice noodles soup

Jayasree's Mango Murabba
Swapna's Pineapple Jam


Srivalli's Sambar Rice

Side Dishes

Kalyani Rajamani's Microwave Kara Kulumbu
Mina Joshi  Bharella mutter bhat   
Nivedita Thadani  Eggplant cups stuffed with veg and nuts   
Nivedita Thadani  Aloo Matar Sabji
Priya Suresh MW Cabbage & Drumstick Leaves Stir fry   
Srivalli Yellow Moong Dal
Swati Sapna Lemon pepper baby potatoes   


Deepti Sidana's Milk Peda
Priya Mitharwal's Gajar Aur Mawa Ka Halwa
Priya Suresh's MW Watermelon Halwa
Srivalli's Carrot Halwa
Srivalli's Sooji Halwa

Baked / Dessert

Jayashree's Microwave cake
Nivedita's Black forest cake in Microwave
Srivalli's Basic Biscuit
Krishnaveni's Peaches and Sour Cream

That was quite a collection! Looking forward for the Microwave Potluck party and adding them to this on going Collection. Thank you everybody for contributing. I haven't missed out any entry, if so my apologies, pls let me know!

I will be including a master list of all entries as each month entries are received.
Enjoy your Sunday!

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nivedita said...

Hi Valli
Great round up!!
looking forward for potluck party.

PJ said...

Nice collection of recipes Srivalli.Bookmarked :)

cumincoriandercardamom said...

Thats a fantastic collection

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

wow, that is one delicious roundup. I am going to try to make almost all the recipes. Simply beautiful.

Krishnaveni said...

lovely recipes, looks great, thank you srivalli for this great work

William said...

What is a chickpea called on your blog? Don't know if you use them. They seem like an affordable handy ingredient that could add a different dimension. trying to go vegetarian and want variety. I can't/haven't found curry leaves locally though. Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

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