Jonna Pelalu Laddu / Popcorn Laddu ~ Sweet Laddoo with Jowar Sankranti Special!

I know this is not the greatest time for me to post this laddos, but then life is like that! What with my diet plan and being determined not to touch a sweet dish, you may think that I might be tempted. For one thing, this was prepared during Sankranti and another well..another reason.

Anyway with the diet plan going strong, I am surely not going to be making sweets but only post ones that were already prepared. The day has been hectic with work and the diet putting lot of pressure. Basically it was because I wasn't really prepared for it. Well that shows that I got to be more prepared. Work has been hectic the last two days which resulted in me working the weekend too. I completed the breakfast and hubby dear took the kids for a trip to his friends family in a town. They came back only late evening and recollected that they really enjoyed the trip.

They play with calf and ran around wild. These were some of the bounties that our friends sent back. This reminded me of my childhood spent cultivating. That's a story for another day for sure. For now enjoy the pictures.

Radish, Okra/ Lady's Finger and Cluster Beans.
Red Sorrel Leaves and Amarnath

Before getting on the recipe, check out my interview in Femina.

Coming back to the laddus, as I said I was really surprised that these are popped before making these laddus. You may have read this post where the Jowar were treated as just lovely pops just popcorns. Knowing how much Athamma enjoyed making this during Sankranti because she remembered her Mom. She said her mom used to make this in huge amount for the kids at home. Most times, before attempting to make the laddus, it was mostly consumed as just pops.

So just for the post we again popped them and they disappeared just like that!

Jonna Pelaalu Laddu

Jowar Pops - 1 cup 
Jaggary - 1 cup or depending on sweetness
Cardamon a pinch
Ghee as required to make balls
Method to prepare

Make the Jowar pops as explained in the post. Allow to cool. Then pulse it couple of times till you get a fine powder.

Grate the jaggary to a fine powder. Then again pulse both the Jowar and jaggary together. Remove and add 1 tsp of ghee. Mix it again. This should get you a texture that will hold it together.

Make tight balls from the mixture and adjust the ghee to see if the balls are holding it together.

Store in a container, this stayed for a week and was most delicious!

Enjoy every bite. Of course once you shed some weight!..:) Have a great week ahead.

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