Friday, February 27, 2009

Gobi Paratha ~ Stuffed all the way!

Traditions are good if they give you lot of good memories. But its not something you got to keep up, for the sake of keeping it up right! I never believe in that but at times, just for the old memories, I try to do certain things that happened in the past. Like making stuffed parathas around this time. I know stuffed parathas might sound very daily affair to many. Maybe I have south indianised it to my taste. But they hold a very special place in my menu. Stuffed parathas are bound to induce passion and great sense of content when they are prepared and adore the table so beautifully. I have made many types of stuffed parathas, but never attempted at Gobi ki parathas.

I had planned for this yesterday but as I said, hubby dear took us for dinner and so it was postponed to today. Konda had gone along with him to order the cake and they came back with a chocolate cake, because I like chocolate, though I don't eat this cake. Isn't that funny! They remembered to get me a peice of eggless cake too. The boys were excited to sing haapy haapy burthday to amma and I guess the writing on the cake was Konda's idea. Well the wishes seem to be for everyday!

The day was quite hectic with the boys fighting over the new cars they were given. Then back home in the evening, they again got on playing, only after a while they settled down together. By the time we got down to cutting the cake, it was time for the boys to sleep. I got back making these Gobi parathas after they slept. Chinnu and Konda are sound sleepers while Peddu gets up frequently. So I had to pat him again just now. Its pretty late now, so let me hop on to the recipe right away, am sure most of you must be doing it similar way!

Gobi Paratha Stuffing!

Ingredients Needed:

Wheat flour - 1 cup
All purpose flour - 1/2 cup (opt)
Ghee/ Butter - 1 tsp (opt) you can use curds instead.

For stuffing:

Cauliflower florets - 50 gms or about 2 big floret
Onion - 1 small
Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method to prepare:

Wash the cauliflower and soak in lukewarm with salt. Then grate it finely and mix with finely chopped onions.

Heat a pan with oil, add the spices and then the grated cauliflower.

Saute for 2 mins, till the cauliflower is done. Remove and allow to cool.

Gobi Paratha with Yogurt/ Curds and Pickle ~ Dinner!

For the dough :

Knead dough as you do the regular dough, rest it for 10 mins.

Then follow the steps as shown in Aloo parathas.

The best serving that I always love is pickle and curds, I believe nothing can beat this combo!

Thank you my dear readers and friends for all your lovely wishes. Though I didn't want to make a big deal of this day, you all made it very special with your wishes and thoughts! I guess that's why my blog is such an addiction for me!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chime Chime Chime...

Chime, Chime, chime went the clock from the neighbouring church. There was a reflex reaction from me, counting the number of times the bell was ringing. I needn't have, I knew it was 9 'o Clock, but still I just counted, there are always these things that I do for the heck of it. You won't catch me doing it at 8 'o clock, Ok. At that time, I would be in a hayward spot having a need for two more hands! Anyway the clock that goes out every hour was an addition that the church across our house got a year back, I think. During the initial days, we were flushed at the clock going chime chime, specially if I was getting my boys asleep. They would immediately sit and look at me with a grin on their faces. I again have to push them down to lay down. Over the period, we got used to the sound and then it just disappeared into nothing. I guess many things in life are like that! In the beginning things look too huge to manage, then you get used to it and then it just mingles into your life. This kind of analogy is helps at times right.

After every hourly ring, a psalm is read out. Since we could hardly hear what its said, we arrive at our own things. The moment I hear it, say at 7 o' Clock, I say to myself 'Valli, its time to stop dillay dalling around, you got to get that cooker going hiss if you want to get Konda's lunch box out and yeah go wake her up.' At 9 o Clock, it goings something like "Hey lady if you want to make it on time to office, now is the time' At 9 pm, hubby dear would tell the boys, 'See they are asking you to be good boys and go to bed on time, lets pack to bedroom'. Then came a point when the temple across the road started playing Suprabatham early morning. After many such days, I happened to discuss this to hubby dear and he was referring to our earlier discussion on the church bell and how disturbed we were. And playing Suprabatham early every morning, will be equally disturbing to others, he said. But guess what we don't hear it anymore. Either they stopped it or we stopped hearing it!

Well coming to something else, I wanted to keep up tradition and make stuffed parathas as on this day, but came home and saw that hubby dear had other plans. He took us for dinner to our favorite restaurant, said he was wondering what to gift me. I said there is no other greater gift than this special dinner!

PS: Thank you all for your support on the previous post, will get back on that soon! Appreciate your support and thoughts, will plan to do something on that!

Right now my mind isn't working well enough to post a recipe, will be back tomorrow with something interesting I hope! Afterall it isn't everyday that I turn older!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SAKSHI ~ Another Copy Cat on the prowl!

I am sure most of you must know the feeling you get when you find your work being copied and reproduced in another place without even a word referring to you. The gut feeling you get is hard to explain! I have seen many of my post reproduced online, though I always felt bad and left complaints, most never bothered removing it. But being a victim of Plagiarism by press that gives hard copies, is another feeling all together!

This Sunday, my FIL bought this SAAKSHI "FUNDAY" Daily Newspaper Magazine and he was telling me that the recipes featured in this edition were looking good. I just peeped in and was shocked looking at my blog pictures starting back at me. The paper had just lifted not just the pictures but the entire recipe and has featured in their page, with no credit or any mention of my blog. I was left feeling awful, helpless at the same time.

Imagine, they have such readership and this is the way they are treated. Least they could have done, is to credit the source, not a word of such thing! Shame of them. The so called journalism, its purely thieving, if you ask me. If they so wanted, they could have atleast asked before lifting it just like that!

The picture in the center is the Panasa Thonalu and the other vibrant red is Ashoka Halwa

Atleast the other picture I saw in print, was lifted because it looked good and used in a menu card in our club, which was much better. The manager atleast said he didn't know about such things, he just asked his person to get good pictures from net. And he happened to select from that. They had revamped the menu card and the manager wanted to add more pictures to make it more lively. When I was browsing through the courses, I saw one picture I knew I got for the Roti mela, it was parathas all stacked up! I was thinking how mean they just lifted like that and to my shock my eyes fell on my picture of Andhra Chicken Pulusu. When we confronted him, he couldn't believe it was mine, but said he would've added my name had he knew it was mine.

That was much better than Sakshi people lifting content from my blog and claiming they did it to their readers!

How do we protect such things! Just because we are publishing content for free doesn't mean anyone can lift and pass on as their own.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Chicken Cashew Fry with Andhra Chicken Pulusu ~ Weekend Cooking!

The problem with not doing a daily post is, you end up wanting to talk about lots of things. And you really don't want to bore your readers to death right! And it also matters in which post you talk about it. Like one reader sent me a mail asking me about Konda. I replied back saying "Look I spoke about her dance in this post, bang comes back the reply that since the post was featuring non veg she didn't read it much" Well I can't help posting non veg dishes right, after all I cook non veg twice a week and I experiment a lot with variations and always on the look out of new varieties. I can't but talk about other things in the post right!

Anyway the boys are learning new words every day, each it sound so adorable. Like Peddu keeps saying Chinnu Badd Gurl, I tell him, chinnu is a boy. He looks at me vaguely and then tells Chinnu Budd or Gugud Gurl. After many tries, I make him understand that Chinnu is a boy. This mostly happens when they have a tiff over a doll or want the same things. And wanting the same plaything happens most of the times. Chinnu is very fast, when he sees Peddu playing with something, he will wait for a min and grab and run as if his life depended on that. That leaves Peddu crying so hard. Oh most of our time is spent consoling either of them.

Coming to today's post, this was something I prepared last Sunday. This shows that I am going a week late on my posts. The gravy that I prepared is a typical Andhra fare and is quite spicy yet delicious. The list might sound the recipe to be little elaborate but believe me it doesn't take that much time to get all three dishes done on record time.

I made Masala rice with Basmati rice, the beauty of course lies in the rice variety used. The long grains give a exotic appeal. And the dry dish was an instant hit. Each dish complemented the other. The cooking got done very quick, which gave me enough time to click good pictures. I really liked these pictures as they seem to highlight the dish in the right way.

I was very eager in sharing the recipe but decided in the last moment that I would want to send the Andhra Chicken pulusu to the BloggerAid, so that means I can't reveal the recipe details right now. I am really excited to be able to help in whatever small way I could. The Chicken Cashew fry is going to be featured in the book I was talking about, so you got to wait for that too.

When Ivy sent me details about BloggerAid, I was eager to contribute in someway.
It is about the group publishing a book and the recipes are collected from the food bloggers around the world. The book is scheduled to be out by end of this year, the profit of the sale will go towards fighting hunger.

You have till 31 st to send in you recipes? Check for the details here on how you can submit a recipe etc.... and if you have not yet joined BloggerAid do go and join up. It is for a wonderful cause. If you want to join up here are the details.

All in all, I was very happy seeing my folks enjoying these two new dishes. Andhra Chicken pulusu is something I developed on how Amma makes her gravy. Hubby dear was asking how come I have never made it all these years. Guess we really do end up finding things we love but never made them for no reason.

Will be back with some interesting veggie dishes!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Masoor Ki Dal ~ Simple Comforts!

I had seen quite a few tempting pictures of this beautiful dal that goes by the name Masoor. Well I really don't remember when I actually seen this or touched it. It was always there. We are more a toor ki dal fans and of course moong ki dal fans too. In all my interactions with friends who happen to be hailing from the Northern parts of India, I have seen their affectations to any dal as such. Sambar when offered, one slurp was what happened. Most of them said they simply loved dal. Infact hubby dear says that he used to do the same when he lived in Delhi for some years. He said its just natural, you would end up wiping the bowl clean when you order a dal, be what variety it is. The taste is simply cannot be reproduced. And its so yummy one can't just stop eating it.

Well since I have never seen him doing that to the south indian dals that I serve him, I thought its got to do more with the type of dal that goes into the dish. Anyway when I actually met Masoor dal, I knew this was the candidate. Amma when she was leaving to Calcutta, gave me a packet and said I can experiment with it. Well it laid in the fridge for a while, finally got used up somehow. Then came a time when I thought I got to try this dal again. And it was such an apt time as I was hosting the MLLA, you know this ought to have come up then. Anyway its making way now.

I went to the grocery in hopes of buying all the different dals he stocked and my eyes fell on the "Mysore Dal", for a moment I was wondering if it was Masoor dal indeed or not. Anyway its not a thing to debate right, it was our candidate in presence.

The Masoor dal finally found its way to please us with its exquisite taste and texture.

But before that, do have a look at the breakfast items that my boys carry!

Ingredients Needed:

Masoor Dal - 1 cup
Onions - 1 small
Tomato - 1 medium
Red chilies - 2 long
Chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste


Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves few
Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
Garlic - 3 flakes
Oil - 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and pressure cook masoor dal along with red chilies, tomatoes till dal is tender

Then heat a pan with oil, splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves and then saute onions till they are pink.

Add the chili powder and salt, fry till its done.

Once the pressure is off, mash the dal well. Pour this over the dal and bring to boil if the consistency is not thick.

Since hubby dear likes it spicy I added Masala chili to the dal before serving.

Serve these with Pulkas dabbed with a dollop of ghee, heaven is not far away!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch Box Series : LBS#44

I guess we all reach a point when things seem to go on at their own pace. We simply seem helpless in heart of things. I guess it happened with me. For once after a long time, I seem to have quite a few to share, not that they are very extraordinary dishes or something very fancy. But believe those can beat the best out. I am referring to those simple comfort food. They matter and yes they bring back so much nostalgic memories. The other day, I happened to cook a simple aloo masala for my brother and while making it, I remembered Amma making something similar years ago when we were small. We 3 would have same likings and Sree would like something different. So for him she used to make this kura for him while we used to eat those yummy tomato chutneys or something on those lines. He never liked Tomato Chutney or thokku. I was wondering if he remembered those days ago. They seem so far off!

After having remembered this dish, I was itching to make this again. And I thought it would make a great lunch box combo with the Masala Rice that I recently seem to be making. These two got paired off quite well and the kids loved it too.

Today's Lunch Box had

Masala Rice
Baby Aloo Masala ~ Chinna Urlagadda Masala Kura
Curd Rice

Baby Aloo Masala ~ Chinna Urlagadda Masala Kura

Ingredients Needed:

Baby Aloo - 250 gms
Onions - 2 medium
Tomatoes - 2 big
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Chili powder - 1 - 1 & 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Whole cloves - 2
Cinnamon - 2"
Cardomom - 1
Fennel powder - 1/4 tsp
Coconut Milk - 1 cup
Coriander leaves for garnish
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp

For seasoning
Curry leaves, few
Mustard seeds few

Method to prepare:

Wash the baby potatoes and prick with fork. Do not peel, just pressure cook it till tender. Allow it to cool down before you peel the skin. Do not cut them into peices. These have to be used as whole

Heat a pan with oil, splutter the mustard seeds and curry leaves. Then saute the onions till they are pink, then add the ginger garlic paste and fry till its brown.

Then add the chopped tomatoes along with salt and turmeric powder. Simmer till the tomatoes are really soft and mashed.

Add in all the spices and cook in sim till the oil starts coming out. Then add the boiled baby potatoes and allow it to get fried.

Once you see the potatoes are roasted a bit, add coconut milk and 1 cup water. Bring to boil and then simmer till you get a good consistancy.

Add the chopped coriander leaves and simmer for 5 - 10 mins.

Serve with Masala rice, chapatis.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Andhra Mutton Kura, Masala Annam ~ Weekend Cooking!

There is always something magical about leaves falling down! It symbolizes new growth and a sense of well being. It transports me to my early youth, walking down with full energy and a high expectations of what else life might offer me. I was on the threshold of a new chapter. I was rethinking on what to do in life. Well thinking back, I can see that its not been an updraft, rather I have sailed along the waves. I have trodden the path that was not less frequented The road not taken will always be a mystery for me. Looks like my poetic senses will have to wait for another lifetime to get fulfilled.

Expecting new things and doing things differently, doesn't mean I wasn't up to my regular things. I still got to get up early for the morning walks and yes, as I might have said, Dad has a penchant for getting up early, it always rubbed off me too. Early never meant the wee hours, but please 6 or 6.30 am was pretty early in my books then. If there was one thing we could do, and get Daddy happy, it was getting up early and going either for a jog or a walk. Dad liked us getting up early and lazy slumbering beneath layers and layers of blanket never came to picture! Well I have finally come to conclude that this again changes with the life juncture one is at! Right now, I would prefer my kids not being so bent on pleasing their Thatha, guess I could do with some peace to complete my morning chores on time! They not only get up early, but are very active right from word go!

Anyway there I was, standing for the signal to go green, while the branches were shedding its leaves. I was transported to a different time and place. I could see myself walking brisk, every step becoming more aggressive, in tune with Sukhwinder Singh shouting at his top of the voice, Chaiyya Chaiyya...

Well today's post has got nothing to do with either autumn or my walks, rather my eagerness to cook something new and special on Sundays for hubby dear. I guess I am one of those lucky few who have got willing guinea pigs. Though I must hasten to say he wasn't always this willing, but guess growing old together has lot to be said about! But my litmus test was in making him remember his childhood days or as cooked from his side of the family. Though I have a long way to go, to reach up my Athamma's expertise, I was happy I climbed few notches with this fare!

Andhra Mutton Kura!

Ingredients Needed:

Mutton - 500 gms
Onions - 2 medium
Tomato - 1 medium
Mint leaves - handful
Coriander leaves - few stacks
Poppy seed powder (Gasa gasa) - 1 & 1/2 tsp
Chili powder - 1 & 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
Green chilies - 1 long
Oil - 2 tsp

Masala to be ground

Fresh coconut, chopped- abt handful (50 - 60 gms)
Green chilies - 1 long
Coriander leaves - handful
Fennel seeds - 3/4 tsp
Cloves - 3
Cinnamon - 2"
Cardamom - 1
Ginger - 4"
Garlic - 10 flakes
( I took about 2 tsp from this ground masala for the rice)

Method to prepare:

Wash mutton and let it drain. Get the ground masala ready. Keep it aside.

Then heat a pressure cooker pan with oil. Add curry leaves, green chilies and onions. Sauté the onions till they start turning brown.

Add the drained mutton, sprinkle the turmeric and salt. Cook on high flame, while you keep stirring it. Then simmer it for 2 -3 mins.

Then add the ground masala (keep about 2 tsp for the rice) to the mutton, again cook on high. This time you will find water coming out and you should cook till it evaporates. Add the mint and coriander leaves. Then chopped tomatoes.

Simmer again for 3 - 4 mins, by this time you will have a good masala coating the meat. Add in the chilli, coriander, garam masala, fennel and poppy seeds powders. Combine everything well and cook till you find it letting out a little oil.

Then add required water and pressure cook till the meat is tender. Once the pressure is off, remove lid and cook again if the gravy is not thick.

Note: This is a typical Andhra dish and is bound to be spicy, so please be cautious in using the chilies, its added in three different ways. But believe me, the aroma was your typical 'sweep your feet' kinds.

Masala Annam!

This is very typically like the Colour rice that I have already blogged about. Plain rice is very so appealing, so having the rice taking a different drab looks more attractive right! And more specific, certain non veg dishes require regular rice accompanying and not the aromatic Basmati, so I cooked with our regular rice that I use, it could be Ponni or Sona Masuri. Another interesting fact being we don't add ghee to this, unless you want.

Ingredients Needed:

Sona Masuri/ Ponni - 1 & 1/2 cup
Onion julienne - 1 medium
Bay leaf , Mace or Javatri , Star anise, Clove, Cinnamon, Cardamom - 1 each
Salt to taste
Ground masala - 2 tsp
Oil - 2 - 3 tsp
Water - 2 & 1/2 cup

Method to prepare:

You can either cook this in pressure cooker or directly. So water measurement depends on which method you want to follow. Thumb rule being, you need to let the rice absorb water or allow it standing time.

Wash and soak rice for 15 mins.

Heat a pressure cooker pan with oil, add in all the spices. Then sauté the onions till they are pink, then add the ground masala. Cook well. Then add the drained rice.

Then add the water along with salt. Cover and pressure cook till rice is done.

The entire cooking time for both these dishes was within an hour, provided you have things within reach. And more than me, hubby dear was eager I capture these. So it proves it was very well received!

And the unexpected excitement and approval got from hubby dear goes to prove that I better remember my Amma's cooking and get to do them again. This kura was what my mom used to prepare long time ago, it just flashed through the memory and I was glad it did!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rajma n Baby Aloo Masala!

I was very glad knowing that everybody loved the MLLA roundup. Its been a real pleasure going through all those lovely entries. I thought I should take couple days away but few events came up and I didn't want to miss them too.

Another note, as the saying goes motivation works wonders. And I was surprised that not many land up in my Spice your Life blog when I update the content. Do take a min to check on that blog as it really needs lot of attention and I don't want to stop updating for lack of readers.

Things had been hectic on home front, with the boys getting up along with me. Which doesn't give me any space to proceed with cooking. We are struggling hard to work around that. Konda had her annual cultures, in which she was part of a dance. The practice was going on for a week or so, after schools hours. Then the D day was on 10th. I had to take a day off for the program. As things always turn out at least expected way, we got a call from the boy's play school, that Peddu was crying, asking for Mummy. We had to rush in to get him. He was all smiles seeing me. He was running a low temperature, was ok after awhile. So in the end, Athamma couldn't attend Konda's program. I had gone early on to get her ready. All the kids were jumping around, its really so interesting and exciting being in a school. I feel I was just out of school myself, and seeing my child surprises me that so many years have passed off, without us noticing it much! The fact is, we never take a minute to pause and understand what we are doing.

Being with the kids was pure fun. Seeing how Konda's friends were treating her was nice. I got her ready and feed. Though I am not very keen on makeup, she wanted eye shadows and rouge applied. She was mighty happy when her friend's Mom offered to do on her. When I said this to hubby dear, he said from next year, he will go for her dressing up.Well father daughter are one thick pals in all plots! Hubby dear was on time for her program. All the dance and drama were done so exceptionally well. Kids these days are really so talented.

Well coming to today's post, its Rajma with Baby Aloo Masala. Athamma is very fond of Rajma and for ever keeps asking me for it every month. I make sure I remember it. So this is a special one for her.

Ingredients Needed:

Rajma - 200 gms
Baby Potatoes - 3- 4
Onions - 2 medium
Tomatoes - 2
Ginger Garlic paste - 1/2 tsp
Chili powder - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Fennel Powder - 1/4 tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tsp
Coriander leaves for garnish.

Method to prepare:

Soak Rajma overnight. Wash and then Pressure cook till its tender. Peel baby potatoes and pressure cook till tender. The best way to pressure cook both is, put Rajma on pressure till almost done, once pressure is off, add the baby aloo and cook. This way both gets well done.

Make a paste of onions, and all spices along with ginger garlic paste.

Heat a pan with oil, sauté above paste till the oil comes out. Then add finely chopped tomatoes and simmer till the tomatoes are well combined. Add the cooked Rajma and Aloo, simmer till the beans and aloo get the masala into it.

Then add a cup of water and bring to boil. Then simmer again till you get a good consistency. Add finely chopped coriander leaves and serve!

Sending this to Alka for her Just for you
and to Susan for her MLLA - 8th helping.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

My Legume Love Affair ~ Seventh Helping Round up Part 2!

Well perfect plans are sometimes bound to go wayward! That's what happened. I had planned for many more legume entries myself, in the end posting only few. But when this is an on going event, I don't think I got to worry much. This month its hosted by Susan herself! So get on with your thinking caps and create new ones!

Lets proceed with the part 2 of this wonderful event. Here we have dals, Sambars, rice and other very interesting dishes made with legumes as the main start!

And of course the wonderful bloggers who sent in multiple entries, they have their entries are complied in one place!

And yes, I know you are waiting for me to announce the winner of the lucky pick. You can scroll down to check out the winner.
First please check out the entries


First we have the enticing Sambars.

With this Killi Potta Sambar, Kayal celebrates a small milestone! Well if that Sambar tastes as sound as it sounds, I am sure it calls for a celebration anytime too!

Then we have a delicious Butternut Squash Sambar from Lisa. It stands proof to how one can fall all over in love again with this lentil soup. Though this gets as common as any other, it can still hold your fantasy for ever!

Her lovely picture caught my attention, no doubt yours too. And I was drooling for while before could get on to read what it was. Mahimaa's Express Tomato Sambar, sets to seduce one and all who come its way, am sure it tastes great even as such!

This Bean Sambar is something new and it was interesting to note the way Poonam has prepared it. As kids they enjoyed the varieties that their mom used to prepare and its nice that she wants to recreate that magic!

If you are bored with making sambar with the same old regular dals, then you got to head to over Suma's platter! She sure made an impact with her Kala Chana Sambhar, where the kala chana leads its mystic taste to the sambar, though some find it hard to call it one!

Finally lets have the spices led its magic touch! With this Arachu Vitta Sambar from Vibaas, we get to know the finest taste of spices giving to the lentils.

I am sure you all love the thick dals! So lets see what have come to the party!

With her aversion to sambar, Bee almost missed tasting this delightful Gongura dal, when she was leafing through a cookbook. But being mystified by the ingredients, she sets out to prepare a dal that was truly impressive, I can actually feel the taste through their beautiful picture!

Then we have Laura muses from her kitchen and talks about this wonderful red and yellow dal that she tries from a cookbook. She is happy that it came out tastier than expected.

Next we find Lubna turning to this nutritious dal when she is rushed for a quick dish for rotis. With just few additions, this dal takes us to sublime levels and no doubt has a big fan fare!

From an authentic Oriyan blog comes this wonderful dish made with not 1 or 2 but 7 different legumes. I simply loved drooling over the simplicity and reading the scenic post as narrated by the author, I can imagine how prestigious it is to be part of a legendary foodies.

Out from her hideout comes Pavani, packed with two wonderful dishes. First being the every body's favorite Dal Makhani. Who won't love it, if it looks anything like Pavani's, really drool worthy. And second a protein packed baby food. All you new mothers out there, you know where to head now!

Not only does she share great stories from her kitchen, PG gets into the chemistry and biology of taste and in the process shares so much wealth of knowledge. I never knew the latest identified sensation, anyways I was rather taken in by her soul comforting Daal!

This delicious Dal Tadka is not something you can miss. Poornima gets us a lovely bowl of this along with hot pulkas, what else can you ask for!

Simple dal as most would say, is our comfort food. Yet every picture I see makes it even more appealing than before. Sneh's Dhuli, though a term I haven't heard before shows the dal at its best!

Then we have two dals making way from Sudeshna. You can catch her cooking at the Bengali Cuisine and this time she comes out with her family favorite Masur Dal. Dal, she says is very integral to her family meals. Imagine her mom cooking all sorts of varieties with the humble dal. I can only imagine taste of this dal from the looks of it!

Ok, the beauty of getting an authentic entry, is I end up learning so much about the history and culture behind the dish. And this Takra Dal is one such dish.

Next we find SuperChef wanting to cook a Punjabi khana and who can say no! She reads cookbooks as novels, I guess that's the first sign of being a foodie. When she was struck with a need to eat some authentic Punjabi khana, she finds herself preparing this lovely feast. The Lahori Dal is a comfort any season!

This delicious dal made with the Panchratna, comes from the Queen of her kitchen, Supriya. She says she now finds herself cooking more often with her pressure cooker and wonders why when its not even new! Well I guess its because its efficient and saves time and you can spend enjoying this lovely dal!

A Scrumptious meal is never complete if you haven't started it off with this Katti paruppu. No matter which South Indian region you belong to, its a must. And Varsha gives a wonderful peek into the lovely and delicious feast that's called as Sadya and yes, you really can't get up!..:)

Finally from the creator of this beautiful event Susan, comes an entry that sure takes your breath away. The beautiful tadka, goes to prove that Susan is infact a well seasoned cook. She recreates a dal with Masoor blending Green Mango and coming out with a dish that's the ultimate comfort food for many!

Cooking one pot meals are always convenient, and when you can pack protein with it, nothing like it!

First on the list is this delicious sounding biryani that Hema tries from a fellow blogger and is more than happy with the delicious result. This biryani which has peas and paneer and goes with the name dum biryani, is sure to be a treat!

Next we have Indy making this Toor Dal Khichidi for his wife, in the hope to compensate the love his wife has for the Mexican rice and beans. The lovely picture is proof enough for anybody to love this Khichidi

Having a passion to legumes, lentils, Jayasri is thrilled that she will get to know more varieties. We are too and her methi lentil pulav is as innovative as it can get to!

If you have never seen fresh chickpea, then this post from LG will be enlightening. This is the first time I am seeing a chickpea pod and it very interesting to note that we can do so many yummy treats like LG's Lemon Rice with Chickpea!

Then we have Namrata trying her bookmarked recipe and finally getting around making it. She was attracted to it by its tempting picture, I can understand how it must have been. This pulao is very healthy as it combines both sprouted moong with spinach.

Pallavi brings along another quintessential Bisi Bele Bath. I simply love this dish and feel elated with the variety each entry brings in. Its not a wonder that Pallavi also loves this as she feels its quick to make, yet very healthy.

We have Preety saying she loves pulao. So when she has some leftover chickpea on hand, she had to try this delicious Chickpeas Tomato Pulao. She was happy it turned out yummy!

Suma Rajesh always wanted to make Vegetable khichidi and was asking many of her friends on their versions. When she finally attempted it, she knew its going to be a constant one on her table. Now who won't want this khichidi if it looked anything like that!

On her recent trip to her native, Suma found herself scribbling all the recipes of the yummy food she was treated too. Back home, she found herself with a big bunch of those notes, from the treasure trove, she selects this delicious Moong Bean Khichadi for a treat to remember her vacation!

Now we have some interesting dishes that can be grouped or can be lone in its category!

First we have Ramki contributing his wonderful one page compilations. The simple South lentil recipes and 1001 curries with coconut and lentil sure are a great ready reckons to have on hand!

Then we have three wonderful Gun powders making its way. I meant the spice powders that are integral part of South Indian Cooking.

First we have one aromatic Coriander Bengal gram mix! I am a big fan of these powders and getting Kalva's entry, adds another list to my already big one. She shares this delicious creation of her Mom's and I am sure it tastes heavenly as Mom's recipes are supposed to be so!

Nags comes with a beautiful picture with the famed Andhra Kandi podi. She says its her dad's favorite, who keeps asking for more! Well now that our dear Nags has set up her own, she will not have any hassles coming out for the request!

Though I have always used and loved Horse gram, I never knew one could make a spice powder out of it until Vyshnavi sent in her Kollu podi. The ingredient list is so less, yet I am sure it can take your taste sense to a higher level!

Then we have two lovely non veg dishes being sent, I was surprised that chickpea make a great combo with chicken!

I guess we go to confirm necessity is the mom of new dishes. For HomeCooked it proved correct, with what to cook syndrome taking charge, she wanted to try a dish that sounds interesting and very new. She pairs Choloe with chicken to make a Murgh Chole!

Meeta is cleaning out and its natural to feel little down. The lovely memories associated with those things are hard to overlook. So a comfort meal is what was required to perk up her spirit and those lovely Naans and a Spicy Chicken Legumes with Pinto Beans and Chickpeas, is just right for the Soul!

Then we have one course dinners making its way!

Amy makes a delicious dinner with Couscous and Lentil. She worries on the picture not being very picturesque! First thing, I don't think so, second when the food is really as yummy as she says, we really don't care about it right!

Reading Andrea's account of those lazy breakfast, that are intimate, pajama-clad portrait as she says, had me going to a different world. And the entry she sent in are really tempting for a person who doesn't eat egg! So I am sure you would enjoy her Lentil and Wild Mushroom Hash with Poached Eggs

For a noble cause Anudivya gets into art of baking a bread. Well this time, she had all of us go gagga over her No-Knead Garbanzo and Fava Bean Bread. It looks beautiful, am sure it tasted great. She is always on the run to get very innovative, yet healthy dishes out in her blog!

Getting an entry from other cuisines are always so interesting. So I was all ready to get a visual treat when Cathy sent in her dish. I wasn't disappointed and learnt some while reading her stories! This apple glazed lentil that she serves along with Pan-fried Ocean Trout sounds very mystic!

Christine brings in a beautiful tofu puff stuffed with Romano beans. She was eager sending in an entry for the legume love affair the previous edition. I guess I am lucky she got her act on time with this yummy treat!

Cristie in her mail said her family thought the Black bean and banana empanadas, that she made were terrific! I thought too, after one look her picture. It was wonderful visiting her space and getting to know this new way of cooking black bean!

And yes we finally have a sweet indulgence!

I wish I could see a picture of this lovely lentil dessert that Bird's Eye View sent in. The way she goes about her mom being curious in recreating dishes to the way she finally makes this dessert, sounds very interesting to make us want to attempt at this dish!

This very innovative sweet comes from Chitra, a halwa with Peas. I didn't think one could make with peas, but she just proved me wrong! From a non blogger to a food blogger, I knew she will make it great when she had sent in entries for curry mela.

If you ever thought you can't get more of a Fudge, then this is it for you! Soma Rathore's Besan Ki Barfi, not only looks apt to tempt the angel, she uses almonds, which sure gives a nutty taste!

Lets now check out what some multiple entries came from bloggers.

Meera sends in some lovely indian food, plus she takes time to explore international cuisine, which sure looks too delicious.

I am always amazed at the traditional dishes that Meera comes out with. And imagine she has two of them! this Lima Beans Usal that she blogged is from her aunt, which is an interesting mix of ingredients!

Come any festive day, this Moogan Ganthi is what her mom prepares. If a curry is nice even without the onions and garlic, then it must be really good!

This simple horsegram stir fry is Meera's favorite and she loves it more when its prepared by her Mom. I am sure it tastes just awesome. She says she loves it with jaggary. I have had it on either ways, so its interesting to note that both sweet and salt goes in the same dish!

I didn't realize until I saw it twice. Meera, records her journey towards beautiful cusines that she learnt from friends. And this delicious Black Eyed Peas Rice From Colombia, is the treat for us to enjoy!

Until Meera sent in her beautiful Rishta Biadab, a Lebanese Soup, I never knew it will be so heart warming. Her picture is a perfect proof of how beautiful lebanese cuisine is!

Neha sends us a spread of lentil and legume dishes varying from the peas to the channa. Each one sounds better than the other, be it the Dal makhani or the Mutter Paneer to Spicy choles that she makes.

All are surely something one can make anytime of the day and enjoy!

Its always a pleasure reading Notyet100's posts. She takes us through a keladoscope of her daily life. She shares what does and how she manages with a toddoler around. Its fun reading, nice knowing she is always on the look out of preparing something new.

Be it the Dal dhokali or the simple Desi Chana fry or the comforting Masala dal fry or something so exotic as the Fara, I always come back learning something new!

The next set of lovely and delicious dishes comes from my dear friend Sunshinemom. Her posts are lovely to read, no doubt the posts are long but you won't find me complaining. They actually cater to my needs to read lively witty stories. Anyway I know for a fact that her kiddos are one lucky bunch to get treated to such yum and delicious food.

And to my utter shock, she confesses of having equally wonderful neighbors who share excellent goodies with her!

If I become violent, then I have Sunshinemom to blame. She sends in a plate full of kulchas with adoring Chhole, served to her by her lovely and wonderful neighbor, the Mysterious Madam M, (think this is a James Bond scene?, I think so for all the secrecy she maintains) and doesn't want to share her neighbor!!

Well if you are a paani puri fan, then this post is for you! Sunshinemom goes gagga over these puris and goes on to talk about my fav meal of the day the Tiffin. The way she has taken over the topic, sounds more like the next movie title!!...:)

Finally we have the ultimate rambling rolling down merry, you will to have head on straight to Tonguetickers, this post is not only tongue tickling, but tummy tickling too (oouch, hope sunshinemom won't descend on me)..With a cap replaced curtesy her friendly neighbours tilguls, she still heads on to make such lovely array of goodies for her kids, now I wish I stay next doors! With mouth watering Ven Pongal, Chakra Pongal and Masala Vadai, I am dead dropped, with my brain sending SOS to reach out!

Well when you are in love with legumes, I am sure you will devise many ways to include them your menu. Which is what Viki seems to have done. Her list of breakfast items stops me for a moment to enjoy its beautiful pictures and yes, the goodness of legumes!

Her pesarattu surely looks crispy not to beat around the Adai, which I know is my most favorite one. And not being happy with just few, she adds many lentils to come up with Navadhanya adai.

If you stay enough, I am sure you won't fail to notice those lovely Rava Idlys or that Cranberry bean kottu. Now who would've thought of that!

Another array of interesting entries comes from Vidhas. Be it the exciting chickpea parathas, which I am sure her kids loved, to the peanut Masala, it simply sounds great.

And if you are running out of ideas to offer to kids, then these lovely bondas or the Cutlets will not let you down.

Not to mention those delicious Paruppu Orundai Kozhambu or the Moongdal Sambar, everything sounds too good. I am sure you want to finish off with this Rava pongal.

Priya always ensures she makes me happy with so many of her lovely entries that she sends across. Be it any part of the menu you are looking for, she for sure will have one approciate. If you are looking for ways to finish off the leftover radish, these these crispy Radish Pakodas are for you

Or running out of ideas to make a healthy side dishes for rice, then these Beetroot Channadal Stir-fry or the Broccoli & Dals Kootu, are some good options.

I love peanuts and when its used in cooking, I simply love the dish too. So Priya's Ridgegourd curry sounds very interesting with the addition of my favorite nuts and whats more its very simple to make!

And if you are bored with the same old veggie in sambar, you can do what Priya does and prepare a sambar with Val. It sure will be a hit at home. Though I have heard of kozhambu being made with this beans, sambar sounds too interesting!

You can't complete the list without a sweet offering right, so this tempting Sakkarai Pongal is all fine.

And after all this overdose, you sure need to diet right, so check out this innovative Lentils With Chicken Sausage.


This time too Shama Nags ensure she makes most of her everyday cooking to suit my theme, and made me very happy with her generous dishes. Be it a simple peanut chutney of the dry dishes, you can always get a peek into them at her place.

Then comes a glorious arrary of curries made with lentils, i am sure you will be filled with so many ideas.

Though I have heard a lot about this dal dumpling curry, I have yet to muster the courage to attempt. Her Fried Lentil Ball curry is sure enough to tempt you!

I really don't have to say how much this dish is a favorite to people around me. Vada in any form, normally has lot of takers and this version soaked in curds is ultimate!
Check out how Shama Nags makes her version!

Not to mention the desserts to make this a complete meal.

The Sweet pongal or the Seeyam is enough to make one very happy!

She comes up with a simple yet a lovely sweet that makes for a perfect evening snack for kids. This is so convenient, that all you need is a bowl of dosa batter on hand and moong dal, makes it so easy to fix kids's urgent sweet cravings!

Finally few from me, though as I said major posts can fit this bill, I made these specially for this event!

This interesting Kadamba Sundal was one wholesome Salad!

Sambar rice came to rescue on an unforgettable day. And these fresh Black Eyed Beans are my all time favorite!

And yes finally, I request you all to take a look at my Spice your Life blog, to get updated on that front. I made this simple Tadka Dal for my twins!

It was a great pleasure going through all the entries, checking out new blogs. I am thankful to all the wonderful bloggers who have taken time to send in the entry! Though I try to be very organized, there are chances that I may have missed an entry, please do let me know, my apologies, it will be updated asap

And now for the winner....It is TigerFish!! She is going to get a copy of The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook from Susan. I hope you will like it. Please contact us with details!

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