Lunch Box Series : LBS#54 ~ Beans Paruppu Usili!

Its been raining all of last week and through the weekend too. Naturally there is nothing more beautiful than being welcomed by a rainy morning, forget about the fact of navigating your way through it to office. Konda's exams got over by Saturday and it also saw us being tensed over the boys's admission results. We were naturally excited seeing their names, though secretly I hoped they will be featured in the second list. Yes, its one of those cases of having it best when it comes last too. By then, our school of choice will also announce and we need not worry about requesting for refunds from this school etc. But life never offers everything on a plate. And one look at the disappointed parent's, we counted out blessings and came away.


Having one school confirmed, we still went to attend the interview at the third school, much against our wishes. We were not keen but just took them anyway. From the moment we got on, we sensed the boys were not in the right mood. But I was actually happy knowing I wasn't wrong in judging my boys wrongly! Imagine being shocked out of your socks by such angelic expressions and correct answers in the previous two schools. I couldn't believe for a moment they were my boys..:)) I always knew it was the angel playing on these elves. Well I finally had it confirmed after their performance in this final school.

The moment we went in for the interview, one teacher asked Peddu his name. He was giggling away and with his cheeks bolted nodded no for a reply. Chinnu openly said he is not going to answer! The teachers (much shocked, tried not to show it) then showed them a puzzle and asked them to put assemble, as defiant they took some other object and started playing with it. Both of us were red with embarrassment on not knowing what to do with their behavior. Though the teachers were sweet and understanding to the fact that a 3 year old can have loads of mood swings, this was taking to extremes. I was sad knowing that we missed a chance at getting admission to one of the best schools. Anyway a bird in hand is worth hundred on fly, goes the adage!

Life can be unpredictable and it can offer many surprises. We learn from each of them. For past few days I have been on a philosophical vein, never more on my best. Whether I make myself understood or not, please bear my rants!

Saying that, since this being a cooking blog can't run away without sharing a recipe right. And Beans Paruppu Usili is my most favorite of all.

Paruppu Usili which is typically made by Tamil Brahmins has always been my all time favorite. I remember having this in wedding feast and used to just love it. During childhood, Amma somehow never got around making this at home often. So the only occasion that we get a chance are the wedding feasts. So it was really a fun filled affair for me.

Once I started cooking, I, of course made sure to remember all those dishes and finally once got down preparing it. Then there has never been a stop. I now make it quite often not just for its taste but it's protein filled pack. The first time I made, I ended up making so much that I forced everybody to eat saying it's good for health. This time round managed to make just enough.

Today's Lunch Box had

Valai Thandu Kootu
Beans Paruppu Usili
Curd Rice


Beans Paruppu Usili

Soaking Time : 30 - 40 mins
Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 30 mins

Ingredients needed:

Bengal Gram - 100 gms
Beans - 150 gms
Red Chillies - 4 - 5 long
Salt to taste

Mustard seeds + Urud dal - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves few
Asafetida a pinch

Method to prepare.

Soak Channa dal in water for 30 mins.

Chop beans to fine pieces. Parboil it in a pan with half a glass water.

Drain water from the channa dal and coarsely grind it with red chillis.

Heat a kadai and add mustard, curry leaves. Once it splutters, add dal mix and cover and cook in sim for 10 mins. Stirring frequently to ensure it doesn't get burnt. Sprinkle water if it gets dry.

Then add boiled beans and mix well. Simmer with lid for few minutes.

Goes very well with Sambar!

I was thinking what I should make for My Legume Love affair. And this came to mind. I know Channa dal is something we use everyday, yet this simple dish can bring me so much joy.

Its a great pleasure to host My Legume Love affair 18th edition in my blog, an event started by Susan.

Hope you are all getting ready to send me some! Wish this gentle reminder is enough!

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