Flavours from South Indian Kitchen from Cooking 4 all Seasons - eBook!

After many months of toil, I finally have some version of the book I envisioned! Yes, the actual book will follow this. But this is a sample of what I have in mind for cookbook that is in progress.

I always knew I wanted to publish a book. Only many years later I decided it was a cookbook. Then I ventured into blogging with a want to publish one. Finally we decided to start on the project, it was Oct 2007. Then the work got slow, though I had most of the recipes written and pictured. Few suggested eBook, I dropped the idea because I always loved to feel the book I was reading. But somehow few weeks back, I was again pushed into that thought and we decided for now we can do this.

Actually I had few readers who wrote to me asking for printed copies of my posts. One reader even sought permission to print my recipes and share with her friends. I was happy she was doing it. When this venture was decided, it took us many days to come to this stage, I ended up doing the art work required, with borders and designs.

Coming to this small collection of recipes, it has total of 15 recipes, with 5 new recipes that were intended for the cookbook, including 10 most liked recipes from the blog with new pictures. Getting the blog published recipes on the eBook, you get to read without any distraction of the ads or the comments, and enjoy the pictures!

I have spent lot of hours editing and proof reading the content. This would not have been possible without my Dad and Hubby dear, who patiently read through the file many times. And I have been walking and sleeping thinking of ebook.

All the recipes featured are what I have learnt from my mother and mother in law. And have been our family favorite dishes.

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eBook Details:

eBook Name : Flavours from South Indian Kitchen from Cooking 4 all Seasons
Recipes : 15 recipes
Skill level: Easy From Novice to Expert
Labels: Traditional - India, Vegetarian And Wholesome Food
Price: $5.00
Format: PDF

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After payment via Paypal, eBook will be emailed to your email id. For any questions about the recipe or the download process, please email me at cooking4allseasons@gmail.com

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Some pictures from the book

Hope you will enjoy the book!