A foodie's Gastronomical Adventure!

Thank you everybody for the anniversary wishes. It was interesting to note that so many were fond of the food in Delhi and few asked me more about what we eat. To be frank, with just three days, it wasn't just enough! Since I have been hearing about handful of dishes from hubby dear, I made sure I eat them all. Still was feeling so sad that I missed quite a few!

Like I had Moong Dal halwa in Bombay, and he was telling me that it is so famous and sought out that ought not to miss it. I was looking forward to dig into the exquisite taste that hubby dear ends up portraying. To our disappointment, we were told that its a winter sweet and gets prepared only during Nov and Dec! How strange!

So in the end I didn't eat Alu Parantha, Paneer Tikka, Samosas, Bendi Masala, Shrikand, the list is quite endless! But what I did taste were some of the finest Kachoris, Dhoklas, Shahi Paneer, Naans, Dal Makhani and two different types of Lassis, the yummiest of all! I have come to the conclude that a sweet creamy Lassi is the only way to end a grand feast or even a simple comfort meal to go to the next level.

With the food we eat, I was sure that I was going to pack more kgs to self. But hubby dear assured me that with the schedule we had packed in for 3 days was sure to burn all the calories that I might pack in. He was so right. I walked longer than I had in the past 10 years. I was really exhausted the first day. Plus the weather was never like what we expected it was so hot. We were told that it saw the highest in many years.

Now let me enjoy these dishes virtual once again.

Amritsari Chur Chur Naan with Chhole Masala and Dal, Boondhi Raita and Onions with Green Chutney.

Since it was a small joint, I had the pleasure of seeing the chef at work.

Two people were making the Naans, while one person was just there to pack, pack it with loads of butter and making it chur chur meaning, Naans that are tore.

The Chur Chur Naans were stuffed with Paneer. So there was a huge pile of dough and balls are ready to be made, while the stuffing was next to the dough. On getting an order, the chef would quickly get the naan dough, flatten it and press the stuffing and close it again. Dip his hand in water/oil? stretched it and place it in the hot Tandoor that was burning away. Within minutes the Naans are cooked.

He then passes to the butter Master, who is ready with his bowl full of butter. First he pounds it with a hammer, then with a ladle tipped with a cloth, he dabs it into the butter and scoops a generous amount of butter over the naan. Then he quickly claps in to make it all soft and massy.

I was showed how to eat the chur chur naan with the dal and Chhole. The dal and Chhole is limited and you got to manage with what you are served.

Take a spoon, scoop the chhole or dal and with a piece of naan, get your hands together so that the naan gets drenched with the gravy, dip into the raita if you want, else thrust into your mouth..enjoy!.

In between, you got to eat the onion julienne that are garnished with green chutney. Not sure how one makes, but that chutney was yummy. Next bite is the Boondi Raita. Though the curd was bit sour for my taste, it did add to the overall fantasy.

Believe me just seeing and learning how one has to eat and enjoy, I didn't even notice where my Naan disappeared! Its a gastronomical delight I tell you. If you guys haven't tasted this, then please do the next time you visit Delhi!

For evening snacks we stopped in Roshan Di Kulfi, to munch on Kachori and Kulfi. I resisted the offer to have Falooda, I don't really prefer vermicelli.

For dinner we went to Bikanerwala's to eat Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani with Butter Naan. Both the gravies grant you nirvana for sure! They sure kept up their prestige by being the most yummiest dish I ever had. Plus my favorite pickled onions. Oh how I wish I could make these. Do any of you know how to make these Onions?

Another surprise was the Mango pickle, I guess its typically north Indian way of making pickle, as it was so different from what we get in south. And there again those Onions with Green chutney!

We washed all this with a delicious Lassi.

Thus ended our day One.

We had booked a toured trip for Taj, we stopped on the way in a South Indian Restaurant to have breakfast. Imagine eating a south Indian food after going all that way. But the masala dosa with Sambar and Coconut Chutney was very delicious, unbelievable! Though the Potato Masala was more as a north Indian variety, it added good taste.

For lunch at Agra, we stopped at Hotel Amar Yatri Niwas. We ordered for two thalis, but after seeing what our neighbor got, canceled and ordered only one. It was too much for two of us. The thali came with 4 pieces of Naans, a bowl of ghee rice, with four different gravies! One with Potato, Mixed vegetables, Paneer and Dal. It was like an endless feast all finally to be sweeten by Gulab jamun.

Circumstances or situation forced us not to have dinner. But even otherwise after that heavy lunch we may not have had one!

Since the next day was Sunday we wanted to lazy around the hotel and not venture out. Unfortunately the hotel we booked in had only south Indian breakfast to offer!

Grudgingly I told hubby dear that I will not have any more S.Indian food. So after our shopping in Karol Barg, we stopped in Bikanerwala (Karol Barg) to eat Kachori, the softest Dhoklas paired with pickled green chilies. I tell you those green chilies though served as side, were just so delicious. That is if you can say delicious to a spicy chili! Though I eyed were feasting on the array of snacks loaded on the pantry, I resisted the urge to grab a samosa. Imagine stuffing like Paneer, chhole, sandwich etc in a samosa! Mind boggles!

We again had a lassi, this time Kesar Lassi. It was good, though not as good as the other Bikanerwala's (PaharGanj) or as cold. anyway it was something!

I didn't take pictures of these, so just enjoy reading them!

After all this, we couldn't think of proper lunch and called it a day!

I agree with all the foodies who have fallen in love with Delhi's food, it is the place for one to go enjoy Food!