Update on Plagiarism!

Dasara, the festival of Victory of Good over Bad, God over Devil. Nothing very dramatic, but being wrongly accused leaves a bad taste!

Thanks to Lissie's son Alfred, who investigated this plagiarism and cleared the accusation with technical reasonings.

There is no reason for me to gloat over it, I know truth prevails in the end.

If you read through the comments in Malar and Viki blogs, it was obvious they were not ready to listen to reasons. They decided that it was me and were not willing to accept that I am not at fault. They even didn't publish few comments that carried technical reasonings.

Ignorance can be a bliss, but it can also be devastating and have serious repercussions as in this case.

I don't want to take legal action on these bloggers for defaming me. But I demand a public apology from both Malar and Viki on their blogs, so that their readers and friends know they were misinformed. If they don't take corrective actions, it will be seen that they purposely defamed me with cunning intention.

Everybody can exercise freedom of speech on their blog, but they need to have moral responsibility on what they write and claim.

And to those bloggers who were ready to jump the gun on me based on the misinformed mails sent by these two bloggers, I understand you felt the need to support your friends in need. But I only wish you had exercised it better than this. I have no ill feeling towards anybody!

My sincere heartfelt thanks to all my readers and friends who had the faith in me.