Plagiarism, Blogging Etiquette, Defamation and some more!

I didn't want to do this post, but well you must know I am forced to take this step!

I sent a mail asking explanation for accusing me, from these two bloggers, Malar and Viki. They have not responded to my mail. After not getting a response from them, I spoke about it yesterday. But when I saw that the point was missed, you finally get to read about it fully!

I don't like pointing fingers at anybody for anything, least without a proof! Accusing without proof is a case for defamation and can be sued for libel.

If they thought I was the one owning that spam blog, they could have mailed me to ask so. Instead they wrote a post, making it a public issue. Now lets get it cleared out in the open.

For those of you who don't know what happened, here is a background.

On Tuesday, I spoke about my entire content being lifted along with few other bloggers. I didn't check it until I got few mails from friends alerting me. Seeing that my entire blog has been lifted, lodged a complaint on Google, left it at that. I didn't even have to time to look at the other blogs that were also copied.

On Wednesday, I got a mail from another blogger stating that these two bloggers have sent her, including many others, mail stating that I am the person who lifted their entire content and copied to the new spam blog. She was asking me to clear the doubts, as they have clearly stated in their mail and their posts pointing fingers towards me.

The reasons for this conclusion she said was, all their posts in the culprit blog was dated few days later, while my blog posts appeared even before it was published in my own blog. Now this is a brilliant deduction. Maybe they don't know one can change dates in all blogging platforms.

So I ended up checking their posts, and saw them clearly pointing me as the accused person. But they have changed their content some three times since. In both these blogger's post the original content read something like this. "All our post was published few days later, but not this cooking 4 all " They have blatantly stated they don't want to mar any body's name and they have proofs. Yet in doing this they have done it anyway. If you have proofs, bring them out in open! I am ready to answer your questions.

I have come to know that they are spreading rumors that I am the person behind this blog.

Manisha left a comment last night in Viki's post, asking them to get their attorney press Google to reveal the blogger's identity, or else they will have to get their attorney to fight a case of defamation. This comment was deleted within 5 mins of being published.

If you weren't scared, why did you delete this?

I won't say I lost sleep over this, but accusation has to be fought. It wont take me two minutes in pointing back to the people who complain so much every other month!

Instead of making this a public nuisance, they could have mailed me and cleared the air. No they want a drama, so you get one for sure!

Blogging has to be a fun thing, done for relaxation. But when so much jealousy, hatred, commotion is made over such silly thing. It looses its meaning and objective!

I fail to understand one point though. When one can share so many recipes so freely, some folks actually try that and don't credit you anyways. Why is there such a huge cry when somebody copies your content online and publishes it. That copied content has your copyright marks right, for any intelligent person to understand that it has been copied from you. So why create a big scene?

I can understand if a print media publishes after removing your copyrights. But this is beyond my understanding!

There has to be some etiquette. When you are part of a community, you got to respect the other person and their credibility. By your actions and accusations that are so blatantly I am not loosing my popularity but you are loosing your credibility and stand.

I am sure all bloggers digest plagiarism, but can't be blind to such false accusation!

If you are interested you can check the culprit blog ""

And the two bloggers post



My intention in bringing this issue out in open is not to embarrass or find fault with said persons. Neither is this a case for getting sympathy nor an opportunity for readers or bloggers to take sides. This is purely to have an open discussion since they are not ready for a private one.

I am sure everybody is mature enough to understand and act accordingly!

Updated on 26th in response to Malar and Viki's post.

Malar & Viki,

You said you sent me alerts on my content being copied and didn't get any feedback on it. The reason being, my content has been copied so many times, that I have stopped being concerned about it. I do not have time for such things. Being online so many such things happen and we cannot do anything about it.

Maybe you haven't noticed but my entire blog has been copied too. You can check from may 20th 2007.

Comment moderation has been enabled on for all my blogs since the day one. I have published all your comments, except one which had just hi. I still have that comment in my mail box, can forward you to if you want.

If you are referring to the Microwave Event announcement page, I have more content in my blog because I had recently update the page with latest details. I don't have to explain myself but just to let you know.

You are talking about links of my post going back to the spam blog but not yours. Seriously I don't have a clue on how this can happen but I think we have better job than going and investigating all these things.

You are talking about your labels being in tact, even yours is partial like in

And when we are talking about comments why did you delete Manisha's comment, if you weren't guilty?

Finally I have stated that I have nothing to do with that spam blog. If you want to believe that you can, else its your wish.

I repeat again, when you want to be part of a community, you got to respect and trust others. Instead of making this such a open mockery, if you had such doubts, you could have mailed me or else atleast responded to my email.

You did neither. Just because you want to keep pleading to your loyal readers saying you stood by their side, doesn't change the facts.

Thanks for the dropping that anonymous comments to let me know you updated this!

I am updating the same thing on my blog for anybody who might be interested to know!