Navaratri Recipes | Navratri Special Day 5 ~ Kadambam Sundal, Thayir Sadam!

After Kadamba Sadam, its only natural I make a sundal out of it right? You are right, when you just take one fistful of this and that, you end up having so much more than what you need. So I saved up half of what I had soaked, planning to make a sundal with it.

Chinnu saw the bowl with the raw lentils and wanted to eat. When I said no it's not cooked yet, he looked at me with a puzzled look and asked "Inka Vanta chelada (You have not cooked yet)". For both the boys, everything is referred as cooking in an full term. And once the whistle came off, he was insisting I send it for his school. Poor darling, I knew he is going to miss this and ask me later in the evening as he did!

On another note I have something about the plagiarism that I spoke about yesterday. Though I don't want to go into details, I thought I will make things clear and open. I know being subjected to plagiarism is upsetting, but that shouldn't blind one so much that they start accusing anybody and anything one wants.

I know what I am and I don't think I am answerable to anybody on my actions. But yes to my readers and friends who drop in here, I need to make things clear. I don't have to resort to such cheap tricks for popularity nor do I have time or energy for such things.

I don't have any clue about this spam blog nor did I check it until I got about 10 emails on my blog being copied. I have only this to say, before you lift a finger to point accusations, you will have three fingers pointing back. So never do it without solid proof. Least they can do is ask first, instead of accusing without reason. This is a clear case of defamation and should know they can be sued for libel!

I aim at perfectionism, if I ever wanted to copy, I would at least ensure I don't look stupid by not removing the copyright information! Huh!

Ok, lets get back to the post on hand. Today I made Kadambam Sundal and Seasoned curd rice


This is just like the usual Seasoned curd rice that we make it little different by adding more milk and less of curds if its packed for lunch!

And you can check out the Kadambam Sundal though the proportion was different this time, but you get the draft!


I hope I get back to other things and will be back tomorrow with a new one!

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