Navaratri Recipes | Navratri Special Day 3 ~ Mochai Sundal, Sakkari Pongal

Planning for today's neivedyam was hectic as I had to prepare the regular lunch along with the prasadam. And yes mulling over the many lentils is again another topic. We finally decided on the Mochai, which apparently Athamma is very fond of. She always keeps asking me to grab this for her.

So to her extreme pleasure, I had this soaked. And the rice variety decided for today is Sakkari Pongal or Bellam Annam. It's quite a tough job to match the perfect way that Amma makes, one of these days its my project. The end result is not soggy but seperate grains, yet the rice are so well cooked in jaggary and ghee.


On the other hand since the Mochai has too much of flesh, I had to make the sundal a bit more spicy and flavoursome. After the pooja, we hurried to office. Its quite late and nothing seem to come to mind, so I leave you all with the recipe and hope to catch you tomorrow with much news!

Sakkari Pongal was little differant than what I have posted, so will get back to that recipe soon.


An adapted version of this Mochai sundal will be featuring in my cookbook. Here are the pictures for you to enjoy!


Hope your celebrations are getting on well!

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