Friday, July 31, 2009

Therattipaal or Kala Kand in Microwave and Khaman Dhokla for ICC

If there was a dish that I had to do in flat 5 minutes and post, then this must really take the cake. I mean as usual I was procrastinating, ok whats new you can ask. But this time it's really the last moment. I promised I will send my entry to Ramya and I happily never got around doing it.

So last minute everything gets done and eaten too! I clicked pictures, they are not the best I know. Will have to click new ones and upload. But forgive me, promise is a promise. And cooking this dish in microwave is the most simplicity you must know!

This has also been in my must do recipes and finally I came around doing it! Sending this to Ramya who is hosting the Microwave Easy Cooking Event, themed on Protein Rich food and I thought I would send her a milk based one!


Therattipaal or Kala Kand in Microwave

Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup

Method to prepare:

Add both together in a microwave saft bowl and micro for 10 minutes. Stir and again micro for 2 minutes.

Make sure you use a really big bowl or else the milk will tend to spill out!


Your tasty and delicious Therattipaal or Kala Kand is ready and will be completed too!

And check out the Khaman Dhoklas for ICC ok!


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lata raja said...

I went the 1&1/2 hour route to this two days ago...

Pooja said...

Wow that is super easy! Looks tempting too!


Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Therattipaal on my fav. looks great and Khaman Dhokla also looks very nice.

A.W.E.D German is going on in my blog. Please do participate.

Aparna said...

This must be the fastest way to make therattipaal. Looks good.

And the dhokla looks excellent. Its something I make often. Very nice for evening tea/ coffee, and healthy too.

Prathibha said...

Both of them look gorgeous....

jayasri said...

hey this must be the shatabhdi express to do therattipaal sounds really interesting, i have never cooked any thing in a microwave !!

Doloncookbook said...

Super easy & time saving ... Looks great ....

Nags said...

i love kalakand! there's a sweet shop called Dadu's in hyd that has the best tasting ones on earth!! they are soo good!!

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