Beyond Curries ~ Demystifying Indian Cooking!

I drool over cookbooks and read them like novels. Of course, there was a time when I used to read lot of fiction, on the likes of M&Bs, thrillers, comics and the serious literature. But there was a point when I just couldn't find time to read, but my passion for reading cookbook or collecting them, never stopped. The Annual Madras Book Fair, that's held during Pongal every year, always had me buying new cookbooks. How much ever I plan for other stuffs, finally I see myself walking away with a bunch of cookbooks. More than actually cooking, admiring the picture of the final dish is more exciting. But many times I am left wondering how it all starts. The basic of any cuisine, how it starts and what goes into making them what it is, in the final picture.

After starting my own food blog, and interacting with so many wonderful Food bloggers from different region, I get to see a glimpse of the real picture. Still at times I am left wondering if I know how to cook them on my own. What if I ask such basic question to the author, will she feel that its common to know those things, will it be seen very naive to ask such questions. Most times, I just admire and appreciate the lovely dish and leave without asking such questions. Of course, with the intent that when I plan to cook that dish, I shall mail the Author and get things clarified in private. Now what if there was a forum, where such questions can be asked, without it being felt awkward. Wouldn't that be great. Yes, that's exactly what I felt, when Sia asked me if I would like to be part of her group blog, which is meant to demystify the Indian Cooking.

Now Indian Cooking and Indian Cuisines are so many, that one single person can't be the sole authoritative. So this group of wonderful bloggers, will share with all of us, the expertise they have and in the process make it appear to be a child's play! The Blog name "Beyond Curries" was unanimously chosen by all, agreeing to the fact that there is lot more to Indian Cooking than the notion that Indian curry symbolizes it. Infact I don't actually know what goes into Indian Curry powder that I believe is sold..

Having said that this group blog, contributed by some expert bloggers out there, its a pleasure being part of the group. In no terms, do I claim to be an expert. But I am all excited to share what I have learnt from my Amma, Athamma and my own experience. I wish you would encourage and give feedback as you have always being doing. And yes, I hope to learn more things by this way!